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Children they say are the leaders of tomorrow. For this reason, the onus is on all to ensure that leadership roles are attained by these wonderful leaders of tomorrow.

Beyond the four walls of the school, children display some extraordinary skills peculiar to them. But ironically, parents as well as the environment one way or the other sometimes kill the talent in children. Many children are born with unique talent and skills but many of them ignore or put aside these God endowed skills to the detriment of their future.

Whilst education remains a legacy, on the other hand, if one acquires a skills a skill, genetically or by a learned process, such skill can serve as an avenue to be known and in the long run is capable of bringing a lifetime of fortune.

Looking at today’s world, arts and entertainment are one of the biggest industry in the world and Nigeria in particular. It is the biggest forte which every child is sure to successfully thrive on. Names like Chichi of Africa, Tosin Jegede, Benita Okoje and Ozzy Bosco became known child entertainment stars because they were given a chance to showcase their skills.

For this reason, ShowTineNaija has put together “ONE STAGE”; a kiddies skill-out-of-the-classroom talent event created to give school children a platform to display their artistic endowments from Music, Dance, Dance-drama, choreography, poetry, graphic arts, fine arts and more.

“Catch them young”… This is the right phrase to caption One Stage. One Stage is an entertainment platform created by Show Time Naija for young child acts to display their God endowed skill sets beyond the classroom. As the name implies, ONE STAGE is to spot a child talent on a competitive stage platform and expose the child to real life scenario of their counterparts. In the long run the child will be empowered to discover, pursue and multiply his/her God given talent.

- Guests, friends, families and well-wishers of the selected children/schools will be present to cheer up their mates at the event, including teachers.
– 10 individuals/schools will be competing for a grand-prize and the best child/school with the best performance and art exhibition will get complimentary prizes. There will also be consolation prizes for participating children courtesy of the event sponsors.
– 16 year-old Korede Sax and 10 years old Queeyano shall be performing live at the event.
– Actor Jude Orhorha and Ifeoma Okeke will be present at the event.
– The CHILD HERO EMPOWERMENT CAMPAIGN (CHEC), an organisation with a strong voice for the orphaned children, and a supporter of the ONE STAGE event, will be present on the day to support the promotion of talent in the young ones.

DATE: 18th, November 2016 (Friday)
VENUE: Federal Radio Corporation, Ikoyi, Lagos
TIME: 09:00 am prompt

Parents/guardians are encouraged to bring their children to the event as it promises to be a long day of learning, fun and entertainment for the children!


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