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A regular cancer check-up may do more than provide you with reassurance of good health, it may save your life!

On a global scale, by 2030 there will be 21.7 million new cases of cancer and 13 million cancer-related deaths. This health burden is likely to increase if we fail to make the necessary changes: Preventive measures like avoiding various lifestyle choices (smoking and alcohol, for example) and environmental risk factors may reduce the incidence of cancer. As we age we have an even higher risk of developing cancer, although cancer is not limited to a particular age it could also be inherited.

The Importance of Early Detection

Cancer diagnosis early detection

Great effort and expenditure in research have been implemented in finding cures for various diseases, namely cancer. Cancer is multifaceted and extremely complex in nature with various strains. Thus rather than placing large focus on curing cancer, worldwide scientists have invested in preventive medicine, as well as trying to better understand its pathology. In most cases, we can significantly lower the rate of cancer incidence by controlling the risk factors and minimizing their effect, as well as undergoing screening and detecting cancer in its early stages.

The majority of malignant tumors can be treated successfully if detected early. A metastatic tumor (a tumor that has spread to other areas of the body from its primary location), is far more complex to treat and has a poor prognosis. Timely diagnosis of non-invasive cancer types makes it possible to limit the treatment to a relatively small procedure, thereby preserving the affected organ and preventing side effects of systemic treatment. For example, screening for colorectal and cervical cancer and removing any premalignant lesions that appear will most likely prevent these cancers from occurring, as well as careful monitoring of any benign (non-cancerous) mass or particular health conditions. For now, the only cure for cancer is early detection.

Source: Herzliya Medical Center

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