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“I need a meager sum of 100 million Naira!”

You could say I am crazy, of course you will be right. I am crazy to say 100 million Naira is meager, especially now that I don’t have it. A few months ago during a youth meeting in my local church, I made a similar statement saying, 50 million Naira was not enough to execute a project I had at hand and they all said I was only dreaming. At that time, I couldn’t boast of 5 thousand of my own, yet I said 50 million Naira was not enough.

Sometime towards the end of 2016, I sent a message out that I have an idea worth billions of dollars and needed people to invest a few millions in it. Quite a lot of people might think I was crazy, perhaps that’s why it was not taken serious anyways, but that is the truth, and for this reason, I am here again.

Maybe I wasn’t taken serious because I didn’t include the exact amount that I need to bring to life, this billions of dollars idea, but I must tell you, 100 million Naira will be a fair start.
What will I do with this money?

It is simple, I will use it to bring to life, my billions of dollars worth of idea and make not only its monetary equivalent, but succeed in providing employment for thousands of people, which could grow into millions in a short time.

Carrying this idea in my head has left me abnormal. I am not a normal human being and won’t be normal until this idea of mine is successfully executed. I conceived the idea two years ago and from that moment, I have lost my sanity.

Because of this idea, I left conventional school; it made me realize such education was but a waste time for me, I needed a specialized education, which this school could not provide.

I was unlucky not to have had a woman in my life before conceiving it, because it makes it harder for me to manage a woman, aside the fact that no woman will love to marry an insane man, I also couldn’t create time for them, which often chase them away.

I forget everything including my own birthday, and you know no lady will forgive me for forgetting her birthday. Forgetfulness has become my major disease that people think I do not have brain at all. Most time I forget to shave, at times to brush my teeth and seldom forget to take my bath. Is that not crazy? You think a lady will want to be with such a guy? I might stand with you, yet I am not with you, my mind has traveled to look for all possibility to bring this idea to reality.

I go to bed thinking about this idea and wake up with it; this is the reason why I forget everything around me, which includes eating at times, until I am thoroughly famished.

It is a correct assumption to say I act like someone who the whole world is on his head; a lady once said I think the world revolves around me, because of my attitudes, which are misinterpreted as arrogance. I could be snobby and indifferent at times when you talk to me and most times I like to be alone and hate to greet because it will obstruct my thoughts. Truly, you could be right to say I carry the world in my head.

During crossover service a few days ago, I was my usual self again, everyone was happy about the New Year, but, I was away in my thought, I did not congratulate anyone, except those that did it first. In fact, I later realized I snubbed my G.O & AGO in the course of it. Anyone will be right to interpret it as arrogance as I went away without returning several greetings.

There was a single thing I was thinking of, which took me away from the euphoria of the New Year: this idea!
Is this idea really worth it?

Of course I know it is worth more than my sanity, it is worth dying for, because through it, others will live and change the world around them.

This same idea will change the fortune of many African nations and reduce migration of Africans to other continents in search of greener pastures.

This idea will not only make anyone who invests in it stupendously rich, but also make them heroes of their generations to come.

However, I won’t collect any money from anyone until a legal document is signed to assure they will not lose their money.

Let it be understood that this idea, despite will make me rich; I am not bringing it to life for the purpose of me becoming rich.

If I want to be rich, a certainty, which might only take a little time, I would have invested in any of my talents.
I have more than 300 poems, I have more than 200 songs, I have 4 manuscripts that can be converted to books, I have stories, some of which I have scripted, all of these are enough to make me rich, but this vision is more important to me than my own personal ambition and anyone who would invest in it must have the same mentality of considering the interest of others first.

I do not want to talk about this idea or the plan to anyone, not because they might steal it, but because they might use it for selfish gains alone.

I want to start implementing my plans even as the talks go on. This idea is so big that I have been having issues documenting everything, so I think the best way to do it is to keep implementing them as they keep arriving in bits. This is why I need 100 million Naira for a start. Getting more than that will be a good start too, but nothing less, even if it has to appear in bit just like other parts of the idea.


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