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About two weeks ago, I was in the company of a new friend who happened to be going my way. We munched on a spicy packet of plantain chips as the traffic cleared, and locked down conversations that began with incessant introductions to work talks, all the way to sharing our individual differences, future aspirations and jokes in-between.

In an unsuspecting moment, a question awkwardly popped. No, it wasn’t the usual relationship status routine checks. It was a different kind of question- the one that quickly suspended the chips behind my teeth – “Are you happy”?

Not knowing what reaction was best suitable for the moment, I smiled. Yet, behind the smile, there was so much curiosity as to what birthed the question, and even more was the serious quest for the answer. I affirmed in a very positive response that indeed I’m happy! I mean, I’ve got so much to be happy and especially thankful about.

So, I asked in return (as a Naija babe) “Why do you ask”?. “Nothing”, he replies, nibbling on some more chips. “Nothing really. It just seemed important to know”. Since then, this question has interestingly stayed glued on my mind like an artifact which I have ritually visited at least once everyday.

Many a time we get too busy with life, struggling to reach our goals, but in the midst of all of these, we inattentively elude ourselves of the true essence of living which is simply to be happy. Perhaps, the biggest realization we can have is that only happiness can constantly keep us in harmony with our true self.

“It’s okay to be happy with yourself for all that you are and aren’t. It’s okay to accept that life will not always be a “win-win”. Its okay to fall and pick yourself back up. It’s okay to be different and not be accepted by the crowd. Its okay to be on that journey of little beginnings. Your happiness should never be overburdened or compromised by none of your life choices. It’s okay to just be happy”

Chinonye J. Chidolue  (@Nonyewrites)


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