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Lately I’ve been centred around conversations, happenings and mind ponderings that bother on giving, better still, generosity!

I have observed closely the attitude and the life of givers. As unnerving as it is to believe, they hardly ever lack. Yes, just as the sad reality about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, in this case, the sweet reality of givers is that they always have more than enough to sustain them and even when they fall short of their needs, there’s always someone to the rescue or a greater opportunity waiting for them.

I remember last month when the curtains of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest were pulled down and winners announced, my friend made a rather hilarious remark that got me reeling with laughter and threw me back in deep thoughts. She was awkwardly getting alarmed over the freebies to be given. She saw it as having all that cash to spare. But I didn’t see it as sparing or having some extra cash to give away or anything of that sort. I was doing something I wanted to do, something I felt like I needed to do, something that I thought would make a difference, something that would motivate me to do even greater when I have and become more.

It was three Sundays ago during the harvest and bazaar event when members gathered together to thank God for favors both merited and unmerited with harvest of different items. On that day, there was also a price list of things to be bought especially items for the church which was in its near completion stage. As the items on the price list were enlisted to the church which all came in a rumbling whole 3 figures, a deafening silence followed the voice of the spokesperson, seething the aura of the church to a pilgrim ground.

As yet overwhelmed as I was at the high prices of items that were appealed to be paid for by members, I knew there were people seated who were capable enough to finance all the items, only if they were willing. I mean we know how hard it is bringing money out of people especially when it has to do with church projects.

Well, to my amazement, people began coming out, from one’s and two’s to submit the shared appeal sheet which they had scribbled what item they would donate money for. This was then read out by the assisting priest based on the giver’s choice. Some preferred to remain anonymous. In no time, more people had come out to offer their donation. Amazing!

But that was not exactly my focal point of inspiration that day. As I sat and observed, the attention of the church was pulled by the assisting priest who needed all the silence to announce what had just happened.

An unassuming man, who I had never seen before had stood up to drop his sheet of his donation and intention and had returned to his seat before the assisting priest even picked his sheet to give his remark. The man had donated, higher than what was donated by every other member–the sum of 10 million naira. Beyond the resounding claps, I was utterly moved!

Just while I was thinking to myself, “so people like this still exist? having such joy in giving, especially for a worthy cause?”, the same man had before the entire service was over, offered more sweltering amount from his pocket which was not less than 50 million Naira.

Meanwhile, when I dug his face out of the crowd earlier, he seemed nothing next to the might of his pocket. He was graciously tall, placid in looks and slim. Then I quickly enquired about this admirable man, and got to know from my mum that he is the founder of LUMEN CHRISTI TV Station and the owner of my brother’s school amongst other of his achievements. Yet again, amazing!

I sat quietly speaking softly to my heart while trying to contain my emotions about the man’s generosity. I am utterly moved by selfless services, compassion, doing things that will impact on others. I prayed in my heart to acquire a lot more for myself in my lifetime, not for my own benefit alone but to not be restrained in my quest to giving back, in helping, giving, in adding so much value and filling up spaces amongst us that are often overlooked in our daily lives.

Let’s roll it out of the church. In a world filled with so much good things to make life easy and comfortable in the least for everyone, there’s yet still a high rise of suffering and dearth of even the most basic needs to make life at least comfortable for even the average man talk less of those who live beyond average. Generosity then becomes to me an “A List” of the vital basic necessities of man. Generosity is a necessary good!

The post on the Lessons To Be Learnt From The Street Store says it all.

The saying which goes “Nothing belongs to anyone” is something interesting to deeply think about. The truth in the life of shared merits and demerits, in which we live means that no two persons can have it equal. Yet the equality in our inequality is just a reminder that whatever we have or become or acquire over others should be given back in good measure to the world for the betterment of humanity.

Nothing ‘belongs’ to anyone, it’s a dream, collectively perpetuated so that we can coexist without killing each other & feel ‘safe’ – Alana L. Christi.

Generosity is beautiful because even the little reserves offered from a pint-sized pocket speaks well enough of the bounty of the heart.

We all owe a duty to the humanity to give what we have, whatever little, in whatever way, to make the world a better place. Even our dreams, hopes and aspirations should be for the betterment of all because we can all change the world in our own little ways.

Here’s a great read I stumbled on yesterday which shares 7 ways you can make the world a better place, and the 7th is no other than being generous. When we take it upon ourselves to perform little selfless acts daily for the good and benefit of humanity, little by little we are changing the world and making it a safe and better place to live.

In the shelf of my thoughts, I have drafted “10 Inspirational Nuggets of Generosity“. Meanwhile, if you missed out on my “10 Inspirational rubrics of Hope”, you can find it here. 

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What are your own Nuggets on Generosity? Feel free to share in the comment box and together we inspire and commit ourselves towards little acts of selflessness….

Stay Amazing!

Chinonye J. Chidolue (Nonyewrites)

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