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Hello Peregrine readers,

I’m pleased to announce to you that entries for the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest end today! The contest which was supposed to begin today was moved to tomorrow in consideration of those that were still juggling through the completion of their works. (Nigerians, una love last minute things!). Hence, entry closes at 11:59pm tonight!

Anyway, I’m pretty much excited about tomorrow because we will be doing something uniquely different and CREATIVE in every sense of it. Tomorrow begins our countdown to INDEPENDENCE DAY (OCT 1ST) and it’s not just a countdown, but a journey towards CHANGE through the voices of the creative piece of art from each contesting PATRIOT.

Tomorrow, there will be a flooding of the entire works of creativity from our #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE and we will share in their muse as they express themselves by means of their art, touching all the factors we have faced as a nation from history to the present. They will take us fearlessly and courageously into their minds as they either appreciate our beloved country Nigeria or express their grievances towards the societal hazards that has befallen our nation. They will render their voices through their art to rebuild a FUTURE we all have long anticipated– because they are the FUTURE- the voices needed to cause that reaction that must effect a social movement towards change.

The #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE creativity contest is not just a contest but a movement that has begun from a few who have chosen to take up that bold step to create an explosion that must provoke CHANGE.

They are the ones of today
Who will no longer sit in disarray
Sniffing the rotten stench
From the debris of babbling tongues

They are the ones of today
Who have refused to be enslaved
By Corruption, Poverty and Injustice
Roaming freely around the streets

They are the ones of today
Who have witnessed an upsurge of figures
When tracing the stolen lives amongst us
And the drop of figures where hard work is said to pay

They are the actions of today
Who have begun tomorrow’s reaction,
Through the collective power of their voices
Even the tiniest voice can amass the masses!

They are the chanting voices–
Calling out for freedom and unity
For segregation and division equals more cruelty
“Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu”

The restoration of our dying age
They are the voices of you and me
Breathing life into the coming winds of change!

As we begin the countdown to INDEPENDENCE DAY with the #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE Creativity contest tomorrow, all the contesting works from each Patriot will be flooded out for your appreciation and inspiration! Please support each contestant’s work with likes and shares. Feel free to make use of any of the buttons. As said in the “Call-for-submissions” post, the contestant with the “Highest likes” by 1st of October wins! This means that the contest runs from now till 1st October. You can like as many times as you wish until then, to support your favourite contestant.

OUR AMAZING PATRIOTS WILL BE ALL OUT WITH THEIR WORKS TOMORROW!! (I’ll hint you on this- We even have a 13 year old Patriot contesting. How Amazing! You sure want to see what they have all gotten for us! I cannot wait too).

Big appreciation to our patriots who have taken this bold step for change. You all are highly appreciated and I’m sure the readers will be greatly entertained by your works.

Hearing about the #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE Contest for the first time? Please read about it here

Brief Recap:
#PatriotsForChange (PFC) is more than just a theme. It began as an open platform that sourced for Nigerians to creatively showcase their patriotism by means of their art in the spirit of Nigeria’s INDEPENDENCE. Today, it is for me a Movement!

On the 1st of October (Independence Day), the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced by virtue of the“most likes” on each piece of work and prizes would be awarded subsequently to winners. This brings the contest to an end.

Until tomorrow, I’ll go get ready for the countdown now :)

And you, stay amazing and of course, PATRIOTIC!!!

See you Tomorrow!


–Nonye J. Chidolue.

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