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Hello Peregrine readers,

I know it seemed like there’s been a short-break on our #ChildHero movement, but we did not go on a break. We’ve been cooking!

Yeah, there’s been so much plans cooking up to make the project a success and I’m back again to inform you of the the latest update on our #childhero movement for the less-privileged children.

For the benefit of those that haven’t followed us on this journey, let me introduce you to our #ChildHero project.

“CHILD HERO” is a 3-phase project aimed at raising a child awareness campaign that will connect the dots of the lives of the less-privileged children in the society.

The first part, a #ChildHero short story contest on the lives of less privileged children, kicked off on the blog on the 16th of December, 2015, bringing together the works of 15 contestants as a means of imprinting the dreams and hopes of every child in the heart of readers.

On the 1st of January, the winner of the contest was announced. Elemide Benjamin emerged winner with his story “Children of the Street”. This took the CHILD HERO project to the second part which is the filming of the winner’s story. The making of the movie is in progress!

Keep tabs for even more updates and set-pictures of the movie! :D

On the 14th of February, the CHILD HERO project wishes to embrace its third part which is a child funfair in a target street of Lagos, which will give us a chance to meet and connect with the less-privileged children, in the spirit of Valentine which speaks of love and compassion.

The project seeks to rededicate Valentine’s day to the less-privileged children by bringing together and celebrating two hundred less privileged children in a way like never before.

On this day, we will come together in celebration and merriment with the less-privileged children, dancing, engaging in fun games and activities, doing quizzes, dining and munching on food and drinks. We will momentarily share in the pains and joys of the less-privileged children, by putting a lasting smile on their faces.

Update on venue and other necessary details for the Feb 14th Child Hero day will be shared soon!


  • Premiering of the CHILD HERO movie on a large screen projector
  • Sharing of free snacks, foods and drinks to the children.
  • Engaging the children in games and fun activities
  • Giving out freebies to the children such as bags, writing materials, etc.

Amongst other proposed activities for the day…


The Child Hero project seeks to host 200 children and 100 guests for it’s Child funfair on Feb 14th, 2016. However, But all of these cannot be entirely achieved without your support!

Hence, the project looks up to supporters who would love to nurture this initiative of contributing to a good cause for the less-privileged children. Hence, the success of the CHILD HERO project is dependent on the financial and expertise support of persons who are enthusiastic about giving to the needy children.

In whatever degree your support is extended, it will surely go a long way in not only putting together the plans for our Feb 14th event, but will also give us a channel to honour the less-privileged children as the proceeds from supporting individuals and bodies will also be donated to target orphanage homes.

Join us in making the Feb 14th #childhero street funfair a reality. Wish to support financially or by way of expertise or with valuable resources that will be useful to the children, please send an email to or



And now to the Big deal…!

Because children are a that much of a big-deal, child sponsors too would be treated as a big deal!

Recognition, awards and credits will be given to the following CHILD HERO sponsors…

  • DIAMOND CHILD HERO SPONSOR: N50,000 (And above) – Recognition, an Award and the CHILD HERO Film Credit

  • PLATINUM CHILD HERO SPONSOR: N20,000 – Recognition and an Award

  • GOLDEN CHILD HERO SPONSOR: N10,000 Recognition

  • SILVER CHILD HERO SPONSOR: N5,000 Recognition

  • BRONZE CHILD HERO SPONSOR: N2,000 Recognition


Wish to be recognised as Peregrine Reads best #CHILDHERO sponsor on Feb 14th? Please send your donations before February 10th, midnight to my account, adding e.g “#ChildHero Golden Sponsor” in the reference space.

Chinonye Janefrances Chidolue



Also, please kindly notify me of any payment made via, for acknowledgement of merit.


Wish to partner with Peregrine Reads on this initiative, share your ideas, or suggest an orphanage home that needs to be supported with proceeds from the CHILDHERO project, kindly send a mail to or share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Your suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated.

Initiator, Child Hero Project:

Chinonye J. Chidolue

Enthusiastic about fostering the initiative of contributing to a good cause for children? Why not join the #CHILDHERO movement!

To partner with Peregrine Reads on this initiative or to share your ideas, kindly send a mail to Your suggestions are highly welcome and appreciated!


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