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The skin is dried to the bone
for what life is in the issues of crumbs?
they tether our necks and fettered our feet
amidst ticks that suck the virtues of our crumbs
the den of little tiny vampires…


It is the thumbs we should blame
who because of free morsels…ephemeral promises
rear its restless rights into the dungeon of votes
votes for villains and scroungers
and now the ticks flourish on the sweats of our bloods.


The woman in the shabby suit
mumbles her pains in pure madness vast in ghostly space
she needles her tongue in the threads of concrete curses
for the ticks in the furs of her progress are breeds of penury
she has just bagged neurotic malady from the professors of poverty.


The man lost in shadows has walked and worked for sweats
yet his moccasins glitter of beautiful wrinkles and dusts
nosing their heads up in dreadful rend of shoddy hallelujahs
these shoes have trod million miles
miles of peeled green progress and constant yellow regress.


Is it not said for the tick that kills the dog kills itself?
but when we die these do not die, they host on our children
i have thought these ticks, fatal bursts from their bloody suck
yet they flourish, they breed in the gulp of greed…
shall we pray the Pilot for rain to tick-bathe our ticking curse.


Written by: Goodness Lanre Ayoola

Goodness Lanre Ayoola (b. 1989) hails from Osun State, Nigeria. Some of his poems have appeared in the tuck magazine, indian periodicals, Kalahari Review, Novel Afrique, words rhymes and rhythms, praxismagonline, ijagun poetry journal and other online poetry magazines and sites. He has a B.A (ED) in English Education and an NCE certificate in English and Yoruba languages.

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