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Last week, I shared my view on the generational stereotypes of Generation x & Y, streamlining it down to the mentality of folks when they enter a relationship and our ever thirsty expectations from our partners based on these relationship preferences, of which when these expectations fail, the relationship fails too. Here’s a sequel to Last week’s post. of course, my friend with the fictional name “Kenechukwu” stoned me with his comeback lol. You too may support his point of view. Meanwhile, If you missed the preceding post, please read it here. 

That evening, Mrs Ekpo said “Jupi, you behave far from your generation Y, It will be somewhat difficult to find love with your X characteristics.” I smiled to myself and said “Omeka nna ya”, Ma, I am a true son of my father.”

This discussion extended into a chat with a beautiful mind of a friend “The Peregrine” one who we shared same XY Breed. She took her stance in the conversation, while I stood at the opposite end till there was a truce. It almost boiled down to a Feminine Vs Masculine which is beyond today’s syllabus.

Well, here’s my stance….

Growing up as a child, I was entrenched into Baby boomers generation home (My parents) and had to mingle almost all day with the generation X’s. It was an era where upbringing cut across many spheres. I am generation Y but find myself with most characteristics of baby boomers and generation X. Mrs.  Ekpo (A Baby Boomer) feels I will hardly fit in the world of a generation Y  lady. Well there is a great truth is what she has said comparing with my life thus far.

Characteristically, A Generation Y lady

The generation Y girl is hard to culture, easily swayed, more short termed than long, The basis for her reasoning can be most times flawed, live in the present not creating a buffer for tomorrow, tending to quantify most things monetarily (well I’m speaking for my Nigerian society). She can be very ungrateful, thinking if you don’t do it, there a hundreds of guys out there willing to.

Hmmmm… and I have lots of guys that got my back because of a bottle of beer. Not saying they don’t have their positives, of course they do. This write up is to open the horizon of thoughts on our present day.

The G woman clamors for liberation and equality (necessary). They want to work and earn a living, keep more for themselves throwing the household bills to the man (They buy most of the singlet and boxers for their Boyfriends on their birthdays), She doesn’t mind if you do the kitchen chores very often (for her it’s all good), they listen to the pastor more than their parents( I asked a friend one day “Does Papa and mama Oyedepo share the kitchen in 50’s?” her response was she doesn’t mind”).

It’s a great generation but the influence of the west is too great on them. The Generation Y women are most likely ones to clash with mother-in-laws etc.   (Note: I’m talking against the generation Y ladies Streamlined).

When I gained admission into F.G.C Idoani in 2001, mom whispered into my ears before she left “Always remember where you are from.” So I tell the reader of this article same thing. Change is constant, but to what measure and course? There are different cardinals to life; change should be geared towards them (knowing thyself and being that).  We are Africans; we have our culture, ways and tradition which should change with a resonating course to events and time but should be cropped in bringing the lustrous speck from us.

My favourite writer Dennis Osadebey has clearly stated in his poem “who will buy my thoughts”.  Western exposure has really shattered our course to the never ending search for our promise land.

I am not a saint, I have my ills and I know them so I will choose you to compliment them and you will choose me to compliment yours too. Like the peregrine said “A relationship is an exchange of bull shit shared between two bullshiters who must accept each other’s bullshit, Failure of which makes for a failed relationship.”

Every generation has their ups and downs we just have to find a place of understanding and proper management. My Mother and Mrs Alakpa (Baby Boomer generation) didn’t have the best of marriage because our fathers were lords making monopoly like decisions but I’m not here to discuss someone’s marriage.

So, your generation doesn’t necessarily define you, you define you amidst the changes of time and events in the word. You find a man who wants to wash your dishes, or a woman who doesn’t want to cook at all or a Man who wants to sit at home while the woman works, It’s all FINE. Just know who you are, what you want and let the Bullshit taking begin with understanding. But remember there is a dreadful part to LOVE, It is called REALITY. Young men and women, do not pretend to be something you are not at the genesis because closer to revelation, the reality hurts.

Generation Y boys are even worse off (but remember I’m just talking on generation Y girl; stereotype). There is no secret recipe to life.

For me, a Hybrid of Baby boomers, X and Y, I will put my mother and future girl into consideration. I want my kid to have the values and orientation of our culture just like Mario Puzo’s Godfather.

For the Boys I’ll like them to have these traits because  “What an Old man will see sitting down, a young man standing in the mountain top will see not” –African Proverb. I am the true son of my father; but sometimes things fall apart.

There is no one route to life, we all have our perceptions which must be given heed and in all put into consideration the good for the greater number in a long term. Something terrible looms if we don’t orchestrate our steps ourselves rather than using the tools of western exposure to dictate.

Yes, this is a stereotype write up.

Sincerely, She doesn’t know my name.

Written by: Usi Chukwuka Jupiter

Usi Chukwuka Jupiter (Born a generation X but a Hybrid of BabyBoomers, X and Y) is from Oligie, Igbanke in Edo state. From Lydia group of schools, he got admitted into Federal Government College Idoani in 2001. He has a BAG(soil science) University of Benin 2012 but has found a new direction in finance and agricultural business. He loves music, playing chess, watching and playing football, reviewing history and warfare, He also has a passion for environmental studies and African literature. 
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