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She sat alone in the cold walls of the kitchen
Overtaken by her emotions her heart was bleeding
Her tears dried up, her eyes releasing some more
Life was unfair, I promise to be good she swore
If you forgive me this once and take me back home
She saw the heavens and God sitting on his throne
Then she saw the hellion, dressed in fineness on a radar
He showed her the way, the path to end the bullshit
It was Unique, simple and it had a brave credit
To get up that chair and take that bold step
I’ll make it simpler, he promised with a smirk
I’ll show you the way right inside the white shelf
It was easy to spot; it stood with grace on the wall
She stood up and now her two feet were on the floor
The voice led on but now there were two
One was louder, the other was milder
One was familiar, the Other was subtle
She wasn’t alone now, she had companions
Strange voices babbling, she was so delirious
Her feet moved faster and now she was in control
The handle was cold, colder than her thoughts were
She pulled the shelf Open and there it lay
The toxic Jar, filled with venom                     
It had green content and smelled of silicon
Maliciously bottled and kept out of reach
It saved plants but viciously ate up a human organ
That is the way, screamed Out the hellion
A glass cup appeared on the corner,
She grabbed it and slowly filled it with the green content
Supposed to signify life but it was covered in darkness
She reached back her seat hoping to bury her conscience
And take this drink that quietly waited in cold silence
It was a table of four, she was so sure
But three seats were definitely occupied
Her companions were back
One by her right, the other by her left
Similar to the last supper, she had a traitor and a friend
The hellion said: drink up and have some glory to your name
There’s a better home lying right inside your palm
The friend said in a quiet but disappointed tone
Foolish it be that I breathe you life that’s not your own
With all my Love and purpose for you
And all the mercy I’ve bestowed on you
You return all that to me and head for doom
The hellion said drink, the friend said Dont!
Drink! Dont!! Drink! Dont!!! Drink! Dont!!!!
She got up in a rage, flung the door wide Open she screamed Damn You!!
Virtuously throwing the  glass cup away
It swung miserably in the air with a victorious stare in her eyes
**Clashh** came the sound of it as its broken pieces crashed on the wall
The hellion disappeared on his defeat, it was a fall
The Angels rejoiced! They had saved another soul
And God smiled on his throne, Wipe your tears my beloved!
I’ll never forsake you. You definitely have my reward….
“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” – John 14:18
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