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On the 27th of May (Children’s Day) Nigeria marked her annual children’s day celebration in honor of children globally.

On a day as this significant to the children, the Child Hero Empowerment Campaign (for the less-privileged children) flagged off the first edition of its CHILD DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP (CDW), a part of the campaign’s activities/events tailored towards extending a hand of love and care to the less-privileged children.

The Child Development Workshop (CDW) is a monthly volunteering session organized by the Child Hero Campaign Team, aimed at mentoring/tutoring less-privileged children at the orphanages/local communities and remote areas.

Hence, it is geared towards developing and equipping the less-privileged child with skills and knowledge every child deserves to acquire on their paths to self-discovery of purpose.

As such, the Child Hero Campaign marked the first edition of their workshop at the Friends of Jesus Orphanage to celebrate the Children’s Day with their Child Development Workshop (CDW) with team members; Chinonye J. Chidolue (Motivational speaker/ Writer) and Ifeanyi “Prestige” Bernard (Wordsmith & Spoken word artiste) representing the team with their tutoring sessions with the kids.


The children of about 23 in number who eagerly anticipated their workshop, embraced learning with so much eagerness to learn and rapid assimilation too!

The children listened attentively, asked & answered questions smartly, and struggled to be selected each time an activity was thrown at them. Their drive to learn was contagious and their appetites for knowledge, large!

The authority at the homes coordinated the kids as Chinonye J. Chidolue deeply taught the kids on good morals and the importance of building a strong value system as a growing child, using different illustrations, typical everyday instances and adapting the use of story-telling to make easy their learning process and assimilation.

The second half of the workshop was taken by Ifeanyi “Prestige” Bernard who taught the children how to write, the importance of writing and the need for writers and leaders to read frequently. This section was characterized by getting the children involved in the writing process. All the kids were excited to handle the pen on the writing materials provided to them after which their works were graded by him.

With smiles that water the soul, the children created a fun atmosphere even whilst learning. The workshop session was truly inspiring, and eventful.

Finally, the session was rounded off with a “Film Time” which entertained the children with the “Children of the streets” Movie, a Child Hero Campaign film from the winning story of the Peregrine Reads 2015 Child Hero Short Story Contest.

Quite remarkable and hard-not-to-notice was the children’s exhibition of good manners, friendliness, generosity, and embracing of life through sharing, caring and showing of love towards one another. It was indeed heartwarming.


We the Child Hero Campaign Team are entirely grateful to God for equipping us with an up close opportunity to extend love and knowledge to these beautiful orphans through our workshop. It was indeed a moving experience for us.

The essence of the Child Development Workshop (CDW) asides developing and nurturing the skills and talent in these young orphaned ones, is also to spread awareness of these orphanages and the children who are brought up in it, and their need for support. The lives of the children rely on donations and volunteering and no amount is too big or small to invest in them.

We therefore encourage you to extend your hands of support to the Friends of Jesus Orphanage (FOJ) at Badore, Ajah

Account Name: Friends of Jesus Orphanage
Account Number: 1013981449
Bank: Zenith Bank

Your items of support (Material or financial) for the children as Money, food, snacks, drinks, toys, and whatever you may be willing to donate to the orphanage home for their growth, maintenance and happiness would make a lot of difference.

With your support, you would be investing in their greatness!

Ps: For security reasons, pictures with the children were made to be kept away from the public.


Until Next month when the CHILD HERO EMPOWERMENT CAMPAIGN will be taking their workshop to another orphanage, you can support our project, volunteer with us or be part of our Movement by contacting us
Or call
Ifeanyi Bernard +2348032124263
Babatunde Odubanwo +234 806 612 4793

Chinonye J. Chidolue
(Executive Director/Founder Child Hero Empowerment Campaign)
For: The CHEC Team


PS: Keep tabs with us for the official launch of The Child Hero Campaign website coming to you soon! 

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