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“Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?” -Dennis Mannering

“Everyone has a mental state of mind that makes them focus on their position in life. That is what attitude is about. It’s that vantage point of view which determines our perspective towards situations in life and empowers us to translate such perspective into reality. The entire skeleton of our thoughts go a long way in determining what position we see our lives…”

As you begin the 30th day of the last month of the year, I dare you to re-visit your attitude towards your life!

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Attitude-type-10: The Impatience attitude:
“Surulere”– Indeed, patience is a virtue!

It is foolish to thread on the hasty journey of life without applying some mounds of patience. Sometimes, we tend to think that impatience will get us where we need to be fast and we forget that it’s not how fast but how well. From jumping queues to making hasty decisions, retorting without first thinking, jumping traffic lights, blaring horns even in a car influx, jumping into conclusions without establishing rightful facts and the random list goes on and on.

The bottom line is– impatience will surely lead you to making drastic decisions because a handful of life’s dreadful and irrational mistakes have been caused by impatience. Even in our dealings and expectations of people, it is good to apply a reasonable amount of patience. We must often remind ourselves that we are all products of a muddled and busy world where everyone is ever on the haste, hence we must slow down.

Everyone wants the “Now” but not everyone is willing to afford the “now” with some diligence and hard work. As much as a measure of impatience is said to be good when geared towards motivating oneself to achieving their dreams, patience is still a trademark we all need to apply in practically every part of our lives–The best results always come from patience, even unexpected graces manifest!

Attitude-type-11: The Passive attitude:
“Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, ‘What the hell just happened?”–Carroll Bryant

Quite frankly, life is too short to be on the passive end at all times. Just as you know of the dangers even the passive smoker is faced with, likewise, the one with the passive attitude towards life. The passive ones are more or less “Onlookers” who are hardly ever interested in being “a part of” but would rather prefer to let and watch things happen.

A passive attitude as I would love to use as synonym for “Lazy” watches life pass by without making any useful impact. A passive attitude seeks others to do the job rather than be the one to. A passive attitude sees others as better qualified than them. A passive attitude will rather remain “passively” stuck than seek rescue. A passive attitude will stare hard-long on a blank page and expect it to be written by itself even with an ink lying about in a corner.

In the end, a passive attitude will never get you anywhere farther than the fixed spot you have chosen to be. No one achieves anything with a passive and detached disposition. If you’re not living up to your expectations, change your life attitude! Life is too much of a thrill not to be a part of. Get rid of the passiveness and venture out in confidence!

Attitude-type-12: The Pessimistic attitude:
A pessimistic attitude towards life never gets you far!

Pessimists are always grumpy because they embrace all the negatives in their life and cut everything and everyone else down with it which blocks the opportunity of any good to come. Pessimists are always full of misery, emphasizing on only the undesirable or bad outcomes or results of situations.

This kind of attitude is mind draining and energy-sapping! No one ever had it all perfect, but you can place yourself on a more positive balance, Read how.

It’s no magic, even in the midst of all of life’s catastrophes and mayhems, staying positive surely makes thing happen!


To be continued…

Written By: ‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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