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Philippe Morgese, single father of little Emma, knew that he would eventually have to learn how to style his daughter’s hair on his own. He started by experimenting with hair clips and then gradually progressed on to ponytails. In all those years, the devoted dad was able to learn how to style her hair, and he got so good that he started to teach other dads how to do their daughters’ hair, too.

In no time at all, Philippe was advancing to more elaborate braiding styles which won him not only his daughter’s happiness, but also fascinated questions a wider population of dads, who wanted to learn how to do what he did.

Facebook/Daddy Daughter Hair Factory

Philippe first learned hairstyling tricks by watching video tutorials on YouTube, according to Buzzfeed. He thought his daughter’s growing hair needed to be tamed with a style other than pigtails. The child would often get compliments for her hair and then later on, Morgese started getting questions on hairstyle.

It was then that the 33-year-old dad decided to create a venue to share his hairstyling tricks and tips and launched the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory on Facebook. Morgese started posting his tutorials and photos on the page, and eventually gained many followers.

“I get a lot of credit for doing her hair and hear compliments about my role as a father because of it,”
he told Buzzfeed.
“I want other dads to be able to experience that.”
Philippe began teaching his own classes at a local beauty school that focused on educating a group of men in the art of hair-styling.

The classes received an overwhelmingly-positive response and is now being operated under the name “Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.”

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