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Undisputed goddess of beauty!
Her skin,a rich darkness as the earth.
Dark tendrils fall down her shoulders, so silky.
Slim-shade,no frowns,no wrinkles.
If to smile were a crime.Oh!
She must have been wanted and jailed.
Even in streams of pain,she swam gleefully.
Never losing her facial signature”Smile”.
To all and sundry, ABIKE,the lucky one.
Guilty of nothing,right in all things.
She was the emulative angel.

She whose heart,unknown to the world,wails silently.
On her shoulders, she bears the world’s weight.
She’s got a phantom-knight as husband.
She’s the sponge which soaks in all,good or bad.
Her noise was too silent though she wasn’t dumb.
Married,yet occasionally ravished–
By the beast who walked her down the aisle.
Promises he made sweetly are those he now breaks bitterly.
On Her body,he deems fit to further his boxing career.
Scared, yet,she loved.

How blind could love be?
She fears the possibility of going to bed alive–
But wake up STIFF.
For years,she had withered,no one knew.
After last night’s usual wrestle and rape.
Abike’s fears stared her in the eye.
Because Abike woke up STIFF.

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