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It was not until eleven pm that Jide entered his hostel. He was soaked in alcohol. He gazed at the ceiling as he thought about where he left his rechargeable lamp in his room. He snake-walked around his room with his hands stretched out like an eagle wanting to fly.

“Arrrrh!”, Tobi screamed as Jide’s sharp finger nails made its way to her neck. She immediately put on the touch light of her phone which rested close to her neck before she fell asleep on Jide’s bed.

“Why are you just coming Jide. Can’t you see that it is late! And what were your claws which you call finger nails doing on my body?”.

Jide was not pleased with all the questions that his long time girlfriend Tobi, was asking him. He was confused at which one to answer. But he managed to mutter some words even in his drunken state.

He let Tobi know that he was searching for his rechargeable lamp, and he also apologized for the harm his long nails must have caused her. “Your claws you mean?”, Tobi said amidst laughter. With the assistance of Tobi’s torchlight in her phone, Jide saw the rechargeable lamp. He quickly dashed with it to the bathroom.

While Jide was still in the bathroom, Tobi searched his bag if she could find anything edible. But what she saw was her greatest surprise in her five years of dating Jide. She quickly closed his bag and waited for him to emerge from the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, Jide came out from the bathroom without his shirt and trouser but with his green coloured boxer. He smiled as he drew closer to Tobi who was busy checking out some handouts she came with for Jide.

“What is funny?”, Tobi asked with a frowned face. I never said anything was funny. I am sure you know
what I want, and I hope you are ready for me”, Jide said now laughing heartily.

Tobi relaxed her mind as she informed Jide that she only came to his hostel to inform him of Dr. Ajibade’s test that they are to write the next day. Jide was not pleased with this statement. As Tobi stretched out her hand to give Jide the handouts, Jide knocked the handouts to the ground. He screamed as he trampled on them.

Tobi cautioned him to lower his voice but he threw her cautions to the wind. He picked up the handouts, tore them to shreds and screamed louder like one who is possessed with a demonic spirit.

Tobi stood up from the bed and walked straight to Jide who is six inches taller than her. Her head could barely reach his shoulders but she confronted him all the same. She let him know that as a student, his primary aim of being in school was for studies and not for parties.

Jide went berserk at Tobi’s advice. And he dropped the bombshell. “I am no longer a student of this university. I dropped out long ago. And I am no more interested in what the Nigerian education system has to offer!”

Tobi became pertubed. She sensed that Jide has gone bonkers. How can he drop out? Or was the alcohol in his system taking a toll on him? She held her head in dismay, Jide’s eyes now bloodshot. He blinked them at intervals as he placed his hands on Tobi’s head.

“Common leave me alone. You bloody school drop out. So you have been deceiving me all this while. I wonder what more of you is a lie”, Tobi thundered.

Jide would not condone Tobi calling him a school dropout. He scolded him but she persisted in calling him vulgar names. At this point he landed a slap on her left cheek. Tobi was dazed. Jide recounted how he was assisting her with her academic expenses to the extent that he got her a phone which she is presently using.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she cursed the money Jide used in assisting her academically. She told him she suspects him to be a thief- a professional one at that because she found a gun in his bag when he was in the bathroom.

Jide smiled sheepishly as he staggered to his bag to get the gun. Upon seeing the gun, Tobi went on her knees to plead with him. Jide smiled as he demanded that she repeats all the vulgar words she had told him earlier.

Tobi’s pleas continued as Jide rubbed the gun on her wig as if to pull it off. Jide was not moved by her tears but he however asked her to leave his room if she loved her life.

Immediately, Tobi stood up, picked her bag together with her shoes and dashed out of Jide’s room. She ran so fast without looking back and could not even notice when her wig fell off her head.



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