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We would all have different reactions to this phrase. As a matter of fact, it would raise a lot of brows and cause many to snicker and question its title but the truth is sex is indeed spiritual!

The body is not only involved in sex, the soul is involved too!

Now let’s talk about the act before the subjects that were born to carry out the act. The first scene that played out in the life of man where nudity was brought to his awareness was in the Garden of Eden. Once Adam and Eve realized they were naked, they were so “ashamed” of themselves. Too ashamed to look in the other’s eye that they sought some shelter with fig leaves to cover not their whole body, but their genitals as you would recall in the pictures of your childhood bible story books. And God called on Adam, “where are you”? Adam replied, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid” (Gen 3:10). This was to show the inviolability of such body parts; stainless and sacred. In essence, it is like a temple that should be kept pure and handled with reverence and protection. In it your mate finds peace, security and warmth. The spirituality of sex comes into play here. It brings to light the subjects involved in this beautiful sexual form of worship.


Man was made to live and to love in this ever moving circus called life, where everyone is playing a role or the other both relevant and irrelevant to our survival. As it is said, “no man is an island entire of itself” (John Donne). Such is Man and his quest for a mate. It carries the weight of the spirituality of sex as it is not just an act but a good one done with good intentions for the other could also serve as a form of prayer!

Why wouldn’t everyone see this as so? In these present times, we have narrowed the true meaning and worth of sex, setting our minds on the only one thing it brings, mere bodily satisfaction of our ever hungry urge for the opposite sex. Thus, many abuse it and don’t stop at that but make it a curse word to the weaker sex, being the woman. Sadly, this shouldn’t be so. Every part of our bodies belongs entirely to us and anything taken forcefully from it is stealing, with no exceptions, sex. Of course, before entering a person’s house, one has to go through the right process of knocking and seeking the consent of the owner of the house. Once you have to break-in in some barbaric kind of way, it is frowned upon and charged up against you. It means you have come with bad intentions. Such is sex and likewise, our body! Sex should never ever be taken forcefully even when in tied union with your partner. If the other doesn’t want it, it is easier to zip it up and count the blocks on the ceiling if you can’t afford the patience to respect your partner’s reasons. It would have saved a long night of actions you might regret later.

In Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa’s book Kundalini Rising : Exploring  the energy of Awakening, she  describes both the spiritual and sexual energy (“adi shakti” which means power) of a woman as thus:

“A woman’s pure vibration can bring healing to any person or situation on earth. When she lives in her divine heritage, she becomes more than God. She actually becomes the Adi Shakti, the creative consciousness of God, and she can beam her projection of radiance and healing toward anyone. That’s why a woman in a home sets the tone for all who live there. When she loves, breathes and walks in her highest graceful power, all around her are transformed. A woman living in this state of mind and consciousness can uplift and manifest anything. A woman’s sacred touch can turn all adversity into prosperity”. 

There is nothing ever yet as beautiful as two people in love expressing their desirous and true affection for each other in the most rightful manner. Reverencing your partner says a whole lot about how you reverence God because God made sex! He so designed it that man and woman must come together to rub body and soul together impeccably in timeless moments of passion and the need for another. Don’t you think that even the angels would smile at such sweet act of good worthy sex and bless such relationship?

Ladies! To seek such a man is to check our own selves. “A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that a man should have to seek Him first to find her”- Maya Angelou


When we begin to see sex as a spiritual act, a form of prayer, we would begin to acquire untold blessings that come with it.


‘Chinonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)


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