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Is this you
Plaguing distance
Like a mirage?

The lights are shy
Around you.

I poured life into jars.
Set them still by windowsills.
Bottles unbraided sunlight into rainbows
Against the darkness of forlorn dimensions.

I watched love growrank,
growdark Cast gaunt shadows on lonely nights.
Their corks pop like pistol rounds
In the rage of fermented desire.

Hugs and kisses
Were taps on keyboards–
Electromagnetic transactions,
Atlantic cold.

Where were you
When Eros spilled dew
Between my thighs?

There were girls, many girls
Who auditioned for that dream
Who made feasts of juicylips
Who sucked like pneumatic siphons.

But it was you
Who hovered in this ionosphere
Of arched backs and tremulous orgasms,
As my emptied soul continued to retch
To rid me of your poison:

Of the candour of your breath,
And your steadfast tongue.
The glint of grateful tears
In the crucible of our passions.

Who are you?
Almond-eyes, mascara-deep
Satin-and-Copper, Rubenesque
Dissolving me
Indicting me
Absolving me…


This poem was recently published in Saraba Magazine’s Crime Issue, available for downloads here.

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