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The sky is absolutely beautiful. Its colour is a rare blue; the kind that calms your racing heart, captures your absent minded mind, makes you pay an exorbitant amount of attention to its soft yet sharp edges, its thick transparency, its innocent blankness…

The coconut trees sway in the wind proudly, unashamed of the dangers of showing its vulnerability. Like life, its trunk bends precariously, but at the end of the day, from a certain angle and perspective, it’s all right and unique in its stature and like death, its fall is unpredictable but inevitable.

The leaves dance to the beat of the breeze, bobbing, winding…graceful is its ways. The leaves are so majestic, so mighty in its appearance that one almost forgets the reason behind its birth; the ever dangerous coconut.

My paper’s hue turns to a light blue as the sun sets, waiting for the rise of the moon. The ólófúnké tent protects my curled feet from the ferocity of the rippling wind. The tent sways but stays, creating an anti-climatic illusion, transporting me to an area of indestructible peace, of sought after freedom.

As I scratch my coily crown of glory, I try to determine whether the wind has succeeded in reducing it to the fate of the leaves. I am intrigued because it feels like its moving but it’s not; kind of like how you feel like your life is about to end because something really embarrassing happens but deep down inside you know that it can only go up from there.

The waves of the present and the past, the fresh and the extinguished, collide, interlock and interweave like the wafts of a basket as the sound lulls the fatigued at heart, calming souls and nerves, making one believe in the fresh hopes of tomorrow.

Thank you Nature for the lovely evening. Till we meet again.

Written by: Angel Okwuosa 

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