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“He’s not my type of Guy/Girl”. We get to hear that a lot among peers when relationship topics creep up. We all have different criteria or perceptions of what we expect from the opposite sex of which a defect in such criteria would mean that they are incompatible with us or as the saying goes – Just not my type! When we look closely, we realize that everyone wants perfection in their partners or at least something next to perfection. You know –That guy with the hot bod, the sexy girl with the endowed body, the rich smart guy and the list goes on and on….but then if all of the guys and girls with these prioritized criteria are often sought for, what happens to the others? Enjoy this short but enlightening piece by Okon Bassey that sheds more light on the issue of relationship types…

We all must have at some point said or heard someone else say “you are not my type”. But what does that really mean? Some months ago I thought I had it figured out, I just thought it simply meant that the person wasn’t “your type”,that is, the kind of person you do not just see yourself with but I’ve had some time to rethink my position. Most times in relationships, we find out that when we are actually with those we think are “our types” it doesn’t work but when the reverse is the case it does.

So I figured: “your type” is simply the kind of person you can make it work with, this person most times doesn’t fit the “perfect picture” we have in our heads. You might feel that “your type” is that tall,dark and handsome guy that earns at least six figures or that cute independent chick with curves in all the right places but the person you end up with is the exact opposite or has only a few of things you are looking for in a partner. Frankly, the person that ends up being “your type” would not fit into that “Mr or Miss Perfect Picture” you have in your head, some factors might just be missing but in the end you would find out that they are perfect for you exactly the way they are.

In other words, “your type” is whoever you find yourself happy with in the end, the person that you are most compatible with. I haven’t found “my type” yet but I know I will and I know that those of you who haven’t would also find “your types” soon enough.

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”
―Donald Miller 

Written By:  Okon Bassey

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