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Friday, the 26th of August for CHEC, was a day to dig back into the muds of humanity and to appreciate the wonders of earthly things, undeniable of the omnipresence of God in the way He chooses to protect and sustain His creatures – Moon, stars, birds of the air, Pisces and mammals; but of all is His most beloved– the children of the earth. Precious in His eyes, He loves them all; yellow black or white!

Behind the smiles and euphoria of the children, bore a belly of heart-drenching stories of the ordeals of some of the children who the winds of good fate blew to the orphanage which has now become their only haven of love, peace and comfort. We sat there with brooding minds before the commencement of the workshop, as the authority at the home narrated some of these stories and we only wondered what the fate of the other children out on the shores of misfortune would be.

These thoughts mixed with the clusters of children at the orphanage who gathered together as the Child Hero Empowerment Team assembled  at the Vigilante Heart Charitable Society Orphanage, Lekki, on the 26th of August, 2016, to mark the 4th edition of their monthly Child Development Workshop.


On this 4th edition, the CHEC Team again seized the opportunity to enlighten, encourage and liven the minds of the children, taking them on a practical session of self-discovery, talent hunt and a fine blend of entertaining yet topical and highly motivating spoken word poetry from motivational speakers and poets whose wealth of knowledge diversifies areas of the arts and humanity.

CHEC’s founder, Chinonye J. Chidolue unwrapped the session with a song to liven up the hearts of the children and to remind them of their importance to humanity.


Among the facilitators was Nkana Rebecca, a Law graduate, Writer & a prominent member of the CHEC team, who dished to the children in their own language, a thrilling message of how to discover their natural God-given talent, reminding that “talent is God’s gift to you but what you do with it is your gift back to God. She also unraveled the children the enemies of purpose which comes as natural human habits and how to avoid them.


Next in line, was Ifeanyi “Prestige” Bernard; poet, writer, teacher and member of CHEC who took the children on the line of history, using the art of storytelling to dig into the lives of famous icons both past and present and how they broke all barriers towards living a life of greatness.


The children excitingly continued in a spectacle of their various talents, coordinated by Chinonye J. Chidolue who boosted their confidence with a cheer of encouragement laced with a prize for the winner. Among the selected were budding talents for drawing, dancing, singing and a bead-maker who happened to be the oldest of them all. It was playtime! Such is talent.


The workshop would surely not have been complete without CHEC’s usual infusion of spoken word poetry, and this time, on special appearance was Charles Prince, a 300L student at Uniben who wrapped up the session with his sagacious flow of lines effortlessly running through the chords of wisdom.

We at CHEC are entirely grateful for the unerring possibilities making way for us to share such beautiful moments with God’s own precious gems. We appreciate Mrs Maria Iriowen Osawemen, founder of the Vigilante Heart Charitable society orphanage, who embraced our project with open arms and furnished us with a warm hospitality. We appreciate Miss Ifechukwu Chidolue for aiding our sustenance with her unceasing support and yet another sponsorship of the 4th edition of our workshop. We are entirely grateful.


Vigilant Heart Charitable Society (VHCS) is a non-governmental organization founded by Mrs. Maria Osawemen, and has existed since 2007, catering for orphans, abandoned and underprivileged children. VHCS provides shelter, food, health care, counseling and education for them and stand to protect children from all forms of harm and abuse. They are located at No. 7 Nicole Balogun Street Off Lekki/Epe Expressway Igbo Efon, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria.


It’s been a memorable one for the entire CHEC Team. While we relish on the memories made, we look forward future workshops to come.

Once again, we encourage you to please support in nurturing the talent of the children at the vigilante heart society orphanage. By Investing in their talent and you would have invested in their future!

And whilst scouting for the support for the children, CHEC looks up to you to support our campaign as we lend our hands freely to this calling to serve humanity. We need you to join us in building and nurturing the skills and talents of the children. Together, there’s so much we can do.


Love to volunteer with us? Support or become a sponsor for our project? Kindly reach us at OR call Ifeanyi Bernard on +2348032124263 OR Stephen on +2347032025990

Chinonye J. Chidolue
Founder/Executive Director CHEC

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