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“We are most fulfilled when we devote our time to the children…”


(Recap of the July Edition of CHEC’s Child Development Workshop)

On Wednesday, the 20th of July, 2016, the wary streets of Bariga, Lagos was lighted up by the presence of the voluntary activity carried on by the Child Hero Empowerment Team who held their monthly workshop for the month of July at the Footprints of David Art Academy, Bariga.

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To mark the 3rd edition of their Child Development Workshop, the CHEC Team seized the opportunity to educate and entertain the children on living a skillful and successful life by building their talent at the foundational level and also taking advantage of their educational opportunities to groom themselves into skillful and resourceful individuals.

The workshop brought together as usual, motivational speakers and poets whose varying fields cut across different areas of the arts. The children at the footprints of David trooped into their living room and began chanting African folksongs in excitement as the CHEC Team and guests who came to support, made their way into the midst of the children.

The theme of the workshop – “Education and Talent: Gateway to a Future” soothed the workshop for the children were a bundle of talents indeed! Among them were a good number of dancers, drummers, acrobats, singers, orators, poet, writers and dramatist.

Spontaneous radio producer, photojournalist and spoken word poet; Uche Uwadinachi, who in his usual proficiency unwraps the session with his appealing “moni moni” folk-tale song, afterwards educating the children of the academy with its morals.


Afterwards, chief guest speaker Mr. Amobi Q Okeke, an events, Media & SME consultant, specialist in Audience engagement and founder of Q-Prime in an unassuming entrance began his session with a Tongue twisting test, and a price tag attached to it. His lecture hinged on fundamentals of Education as a catalyst for grooming inherent abilities and the importance of a well nurtured talent, and rounded off by making the children select each letter from the word EDUCATION, which he brilliantly gave a definition to in his own words.


On special appearance also was Sunsampaul Egwu’Philosopher, whose admirable persona didn’t go unnoticed as he began his session by throwing questions at random to the children on the social status of Nigeria, and in turn rewarded them with copies of his folktale book titled: IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA. Then he passionately watered their ears with his inspiring poems “Full of Hope” and “Save the Slum”.

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Poet, event planner and motivational speaker and member of the CHEC team; Babatunde Segun Odubanwo, wielded his session by tutoring the children on the benefits of education and living a life of focus and diligence, whilst taking them on a journey of imitable historical icons.

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Spoken word artiste and speaker FreezinPaul rendered a short but inspiring address to the children, using the Acronym “PISS” to motivate them. He gave the children a new understanding of the word “PISS” which for him means– Patience, Inspiration, Savings and Service, four of which upholds the age long philosophy of starting small and earning greatly.

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Unforgettably, the sagacious poet, Ifeanyi Bernard “Prestige” enticed the workshop in the nick of time with his riveting piece “LOVE”, reminding through his lines that “Truth without Love is Hypocrisy”.

As the workshop rolled to its end, CHEC’s initiator & founder, Chinonye J. Chidolue seized the moment to appreciate the children for their spontaneity, zeal and creativity irrespective of their relegating environs. She applauded them for how far they’ve come and encouraged them to discover their true passion and never depart from it.

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The progenitor of the Footprint of David art academy, Seun Awobajo appreciated the members of the CHEC team and speakers alike for the wonderful arm of love extended to the children and beckoned on more of such time and effort offered to them.

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The workshop sifted into a beautiful end as one of the guests Chidinma Licia, motivated the children with words of encouragement, and in a beautiful round off, the children in turn gave us a grand traditional dance performance.

Footprints of David is a thriving art academy established in 2005 by Oluwaseun Awobajo with the aim of putting smiles on people’s face via the promotion and preservation of the rich culture of Nigeria, and this could not have been better achieved without the children.

The academy which has trained and supported over 20 children members, are known for their numerous outstanding art projects bringing them before Nigeria’s top authorities as Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Prof. Wole Soyinka, State Governors and icons in the entertainment industry.

The Child Hero Empowerment Campaign Team are again thankful for the successful completion of the 3rd edition of their Child Development Workshop as they look forward to lending more of their time, skills and support in future workshops to come. We say thank you to the guests who made it to support us at the Footprints of David Academy, worthy to be mentioned are – The Nation Newspaper, Okon Bassey, Chidinma Licia and Uche Uwadinachi. We truly appreciate your time and support!

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Once again, we encourage you to please support the footprints of David Academy who are doing their best to nurture talented and artistically creative children. Invest in their talent and you would have invested in their future!

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“In serving the best interests of children, we serve the best interests of all humanity.” — Carol Bellamy


Do you wish volunteer with us? Support or become a sponsor for our project? We need you to support us in changing and impacting on the lives of the children. Kindly reach us at Or call Ifeanyi Bernard on +2348032124263

Chinonye J. Chidolue
Founder/Executive Director CHEC

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