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Hello readers,

I trust that the holidays have been good to you and you have been geared up for the coming year 2016! What has gotten your attention the most this season of Christmas? Mine is writing, writing and more writing, and also putting plans together for the aftermath of the #CHILDHERO contest and the filming of the winner’s story!

The #ChildHero contest began on the On the 16th of December, with 15 contestants who were shortlisted for this year’s contest. From the 16th till the 23rd of December, all 15 contestants have taken us on a beautiful journey with their amazing stories, by walking us through the paths of the lives of children in our midst. They have used their powerful words to expose the dangers and ill-fate children survive daily on the streets and in homes. Some have written the pains, some the joys, some the miseries but in the end, they have all written so beautifully and have each told a child’s story!

It has been an enlightening experience sharing all of these powerful and thought provoking stories. Many have contacted to say how the stories awakened the passion in them to extend more care  to the children and how they were moved to tears after having read some of the stories. I’m grateful for the courage of embarking on the #CHILDHERO project this year. There’s so much to update you about the contest but this will be after the winner has been announced. Yes, we shall know who our 2015 #childhero will be on the 1st of January, 2016!

The last story for the contest was shared on the 23rd of December with the story “DAMIEN”. All 15 contestants have shared their works with us but what will be the fate of these stories? Whose story will be most deserving of being filmed? Who will be our winner?

Voting is still open in the contest from now till the 30th of December. The deadline for voting has been changed from the 31st to the 30th. At midnight of the 30th of December, comments on each contesting works coming in after the deadline will be invalid.


In the meantime, the judges have all sent in their reviews and ratings on each contesting works. From tomorrow (the 29th of December), you can check beneath each contestant’s works to read what all the judges have got to say about each works and what ratings have been awarded to each work.

Also, most importantly, the judges have made a critical assessment of the stories based on their own criteria and the scoring on word choice and creative grammatical usage, clarity of thought, creativity and expressions, mastery of language, writing style and ultimately– the judge’s opinion.

This decision of the judges is for the purpose of preventing the jeopardy of a poorly constructed story to be tagged as “best” because of voting popularity and for a great story to be overlooked for lack of popularity. Hence, with the above stated criteria and the general voting performance of each contestant’s work, the judges will decide on who merits to emerge as winner!

On the 1st of January, the winner will be announced on the blog and the #CHILDHERO project will proceed to its next stage which is the screen writing of the contestant’s story and the filming. Further updates on the project will be shared on the blog along the line.

Yes, we didn’t forget about the promise for the non-contesting #CHILDHERO supporter.

Big appreciation to those who have been promoting the #ChildHero contest on twitter with their hashtags. The winner was meant to emerge from the highest twitter “retweet” but we got more tweets than retweets, and it only makes sense that a winner emerges from the highest number of tweets so keep sending in your tweets STRICTLY about the contest with the hashtag #Childhero TO STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING A GIFT from the contest.

The #CHILDHERO contest supporter with the highest tweets will be announced alongside the winner of the contest on the 1st of January, and will get an exclusive gift!

If you have not at all followed up on the contest from DAY 1-15, here’s another chance to catch up! Follow each link to read and appreciate the work of your favourite contestant with your comments.


#Contestant1 “Unseen Shadow” by Heaven K. Kalu 

#Contestant2 “Omo Ile Eja” by Patrick Jennifer 

#Contestant3 “The Lady Behind The Curtain” by Ogri Mathilda Sarah 

#Contestant4 “Destiny Child” by Sunsampaul Egwu 

#Contestant5 “Ikenna” by Cordilia Chiagozi Uba 

#Contestant6 “When Fate Turns The Tables” by Obiagbaoso Chiamaka 

#Contestant7 “My Child Hero” by Boboye Adeyemi 

#Contestant8 “Child Hero” by Lawrence Ayomide Benedicta 

#Contstant9 “Ebere The Child Hero” by Ramsey Bimbola Gold 

#Contestant10 “Chronicles of Sandra” by Ayoade Samuel 

#Contestant11 Helpless Transition” by Ogbonna Adanna 

#Contestant12 “The Rejected” by Ifechukwudeni Odigwe  

#Contestant13 “Children Of The Street” by Elemide Benjamin 

#Contestant14 “Waiting For The Dawn” by Agha Rita Chioma   

#Contestant15 “DAMIEN” by Feyisayo Ayodele 

Once again, general voting officially ends on the 30th of December, and on the 1st of January, we’d have a winner!

Before the first stage of the #CHILDHERO contest comes to a final wrap, here’s appreciating everyone who’s been part of the planning of the contest, the contestants, and those who supported by promoting the awareness for the contest. May all of our little differences make a positive impact in the life of every child!

Until our winner is announced…..

Stay amazing!


Chinonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)


Quick one: Which of the contestant do you think deserve to be the ideal winner and why?

Your views are highly welcome and appreciated…

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