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PPD also known postnatal depression is a type of clinical depression after childbirth which can cause feelings of sadness and anxiety, can be extreme and might interfere with a woman’s ability to care for herself or her family. It can also happen after miscarriage and still-birth. When worse, this leads to POSTPARTUM PSYCHOSIS in which case;

- Becomes a psychiatric emergency
– 5% of mothers commit suicide
– 4% of mothers commit infanticide…


It was her fifth child.
A boy.
Her first boy.

Agnes knew she should be happy with the turn of events. After all, her Mother-in-law had already warned her of her fate if she gave one more girl child to her husband, Jeff.

Baby Luke lay on the bed next to her, crying.

“Would you just shut those lips, you demon spawn”, she snapped.

With an overwhelming feeling of guilt, she moved away from the window where she initially stood, and picked up Luke from the bed, rubbing his back in circular motion and hums of lullaby, while his wails subsided.

“I really don’t understand why you keep doing this to yourself” Sharon said sternly. You were very active before you had this baby. Now all you do is idle away and starve yourself to death. You don’t even get enough sleep these days. You are not the first lady to deliver a baby you know”?

Truthfully, she was right, Agnes thought. “Sharon”, was one of the many voices that had been comforting her these days. She had been battling with a strange new feeling of depression as compared to her previous pregnancies. Although she knew she usually felt down for about two weeks after her previous deliveries, Agnes just couldn’t explain what this was about.

It was already close to 2months since Luke was born but her eating habit had gone ‘down spiral’ without the excuse of trying to snap back into shape. Taking a shower or trimming her appearance seemed even more tasking.. At every rise from dawn, Agnes found herself overwhelmed by sorrow, especially waking up to Luke’s constant scream which pierced her heart even more. Jeff seemed unconcerned about her many perks as he was too happy to finally be a proud father. He spent the whole time sharing the euphoria of the party he was going to throw to showcase his little boy to the world.

“Just how on earth are you going to convince them to believe you? I already told you, your son is a witch. Or Wizard. Or whatever it is they are called these days”. He was sent from your people in the village. They have finally found you! Sharon exclaimed.

You are right Sharon, Agnes spoke out loud. Come to think of it, you are always right. I couldn’t help but notice the way his cries are louder anytime I am alone with him and his siblings have gone to school. Once others are around, he pretends to be happy and cheerfully gives them the best of his smiles. What I find even more creepy is the malicious look he gives me anytime I try to breastfeed him. I’m not sure I can take this for much longer.

Sharon lowers her voice, and in an encouraging tone, says “Let me tell you what to do”. She tilts her head towards Agnes and whispers a solution to her.

Jumping up from the bed with glee, Agnes picked up Baby Luke, dressed him in the white jumper she used for his baptism, placed the crucifix chain given to her at the church on his neck, and threw him out of the window.

The demon had finally been cast from her home.



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Written By: Kachi Chiegboka

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