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One dedicated to me and to everyone with a passion for stroking their Genius Pens! Carl says “Pen down your heart” :)

Some words-they can’t be spoken–only written
So I hear a thousand voices shouting “WRITE!!!!”
For there’s a place, a time in this life,
When you have to write what you are feeling-
Hold your feet, stand your ground,
Don’t you see right now the world is reading what you write?
Find your pen and write it clearer,
knowing everyone will read it…
Write it stronger, together, make it last forever
Today we read what we waited a lifetime to read…
Now we see a thousand faces celebrate your words..
You brought hope; you brought life,
conquered fear, knowing it wasn’t always easy,
You found your feet, you stood your ground, you kept your faith,
Don’t you see right now the world is reading what you wrote?
Some words I say again can’t be spoken– only written
A thousand voices shouting hope and life…
Just write; just write; just write; just write…
For I hear a thousand voices shouting WRITE!


Written by: Akpewa Xavier Carl

“A word after a word after a word is power.”
―Margaret Atwood

Thank You Carl!!! :)

Countdown to the #12DaysofChristmas Poetry Challenge! : 8 days to go! Get your creative juices flowing! From the 14th-25th Dec, we will be sipping from the cups of some of the worlds awesome poets!…..

It’s going to be a December to remember!

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