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And when we see others plague by the same plague
do we call for the drums of celebration?
or dance upon the petals of exultations?

Where does our humanity lie?
when we raise the flags of blames
for the sympathy of others in distress…

Where does our love lie?
when we feel we owe others no love
and pour resentment from the flagon of criticism…

Have we not mourned ourselves?
do we not mourn ourselves?

Or what confused reasons lie behind your blindness?
that we do not mourn our dead
that we have not cried for our farmlands that have become graves
that we have not prayed for light for our darkness…

Who blinded your reasoning for humanity?
for stained friends
for weeping families
for the innocent lives lost…

Where is the love?
when we do not carry the burden of others
where is the peace?
when our hearts do not shred for the fragments of flesh…

Are we then not worst than the beasts of doom?
when death has seared our hearts for mourning
are we then not worst than the wars?
when we battle for words when we are to mourn…

But i shall be a moron for humanity
a moron for mourns
a moron for the sanctity of life
a moron to wail for the loss…here or there…

For it takes a moron to understand…to mourn…


Written by: Goodness Lanre Ayoola

Goodness Lanre Ayoola (b. 1989) hails from Osun State, Nigeria. Some of his poems have appeared in the tuck magazine, indian periodicals, Kalahari Review, Novel Afrique, words rhymes and rhythms, praxismagonline, ijagun poetry journal and other online poetry magazines and sites. He has a B.A (ED) in English Education and an NCE certificate in English and Yoruba languages.

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