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Hello Peregrine Readers,


Before I begin my patriotic rants, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY IN ADVANCE!!!

Yes, I told you first! :D

It’s been exactly two weeks of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest. The past days have been so inspiring for me, reviewing and sharing the works of each contestant on the social media and via broadcast Messages.

Yesterday concluded the last day of the countdown, and today, we can sit back and watch how things unfolds tomorrow as the contestants work their way to grabbing the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place WIN in the contest.

About our 13 Contesting Patriots….,

They have enthusiastically expressed themselves prolifically, from their hearts with so much passion, igniting the flames of patriotism in us all.

They have through the inks of their pens and the strokes of their brushes, awakened our minds to our challenges, frustrations, set-backs, and what have you about our country, Nigeria, not forgetting to also bring to light our shared joys, promises and, hopes and the beautiful future that awaits us.

They have taught us what true patriotism is about with the passionate muse of their creative art, reminding us of our responsibilities to country and to humanity.

They have sang in our ears songs of redemption and like the early morning birds, picked fresh grains off the fields of knowledge and shared with us.

They are the true Nigerian bloods, sons and daughters of the soil, heroes of the present continuing the labours of past heroes. They are the FUTURE and the CHANGE we seek.

Tomorrow, as we celebrate the joys of our independence, we shall celebrate the contesting patriots too, who have indeed given us their best.

However, there can only be three winners for the contest– the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners.

In case you forgot, FREEBIES to be won are:

1st place winner- N,10,000.00

2ND place winner- N 5,000.00

3rd place winner- 3,000.00

It’s not late to make your favourite contestant a winner. All you need to do is simply support them by voting with your “Likes” and “shares”. DEADLINE FOR VOTING IS 11PM TONIGHT. Amounting likes/shares after the deadline will not count.

To say the least, I’m pretty much excited about tomorrow, I don’t know about you! :D

Before we roll down the contest curtains with tomorrow’s celebration, let’s get into the main topic of the day…

The #Patriotsforchange contest QUIZ!!! ­­–@6pm TODAY!


The #Patriotsforchange quiz contest is a little fun exercise to keep us spurred up for tomorrow by getting familiar with the works of the contestants.

In the quiz session, the “simplest” questions about each contestant’s works will be asked (for example, “Yesterday, I died”. Name the poet) and the first to come up with the correct answer(s) wins recharge card(s) of any network. Sounds like FUN? Well then, let’s get in the game!

To participate, all you need to do is to subscribe to the BBM CHANNEL C003FDD39 (or follow the Link underneath post which also takes you directly to the channel)


If you haven’t followed up on the contests, you can do so here before the Quiz time!

Invite friends who would love to be a part of this fun exercise too.

Any question(s) about the quiz, chat me up on BBM 2AF66F56.


See you again on this space tomorrow!

Stay Amazing, patriot! :D

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