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Into the dangling rumbling sounds of the parading thunders,
whip the drum set with sticks of peace;
into the deafen soldiers of wars
to put a stop to the branding of pants of blood.

Feel the potency of the sleeping winds-
the one that blew our heroes
when walking along the highway
trying to trace back their paths,
before they slept the sleep of death six-feet under
with the breathe of hope.

Fix back the strings of our fathers guitar
while playing the tonic solfa of their sorrowful songs
with fingers of a daunted soul
just to make sounds to lighten the candle of change afar.

Ajar! Opens the gates to the wombs of patriots
carriers of greater leadership dexterities
levied on their helping shoulders
to find solutions to this brain drying puzzles
places at the tables of our nations.

Take a look at the standing men
with pistols of change
their women as well
with hypocritical speeches buttered with encouraging words.

Now! We are here to plant
seeds of change
on this fertile land of hope
to wet them daily with waters of faith
finally to sprout the real fruitful change.



Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan is a poet and writer who has participated in lots of contest and slams home and abroad.


Ogunsanya Enitan 

Contestant 4 of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest

Goodluck Enitan! :)



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