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We are tired of waiting for d news our tears has
failed to break.
Our imaginations failed to trace their agony that
split as dust.
But turns our eyes to ocean of sorrow. Our home
a graveyard to mourn
our daughters.
As scattering of stars all over nation watch night
Our closed-open eyes habourd the sorrowful
stories of sambisa gods.
Let placards embelish streets and shrines to
bombard square.
Let the echeos of our voice not be withhold by
Let our drop-down tears dont fall on deaf ears, so
they wont say they
didnt hear all because of fear.
Even if our dreaming sleepless night fail to fight
those who steal
dreams out of our eyes.
I will sail through d moon of sambisa to appease
d gods of the forest.
For it has been more than 400 days we have not
seen our sisters,
daughters, nieces and cousins.
Our blood becoming thicker, turning our eyes like
that of a wolf. The
humming bird now fly forward, not backward
anymore, for the fear of
not been captured.
Cameleon now hide it self for safety. The king of
the jungle roar no
more for the suitation at hand has captured it
Tyres they made our necklace. They have
slaughtered us like a cow
meat. They burnt us like papers. Our tears has
failed us.
I still plead to bring back our girls and save the
slum and stop the terrorism..


Sunsampaul Egwu 

Contestant 2 of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest

Goodluck sunsampaul! :)

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