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A blast of pandemonium hits Marketplaces, Churches and
Schools like a tidal wave,
Raucous voices piercing through a teeming crowd,
Dilated pupils with a sudden surge of adrenaline swim through
our spine as death waits patiently to consume in its voracious  maw.
This is war against terrorism.

Let my country awake,
This is the mournful cry of a moribund nation,
We are enslaved under the clutches of corruption;
Our ethics decay,
We are trammeled by our id;
Constantly dragged into the doldrums of mediocrity;
A travesty of moral values and justice.
This is no fantasy, where Hercules slay
Hydra-headed monsters to save the day
In our grim reality, the hero is super-ego.
This is not another morbid psycho-analytic poetry,
This is war against Indiscipline and Corruption.

Let my country awake,
Where our minds is not plagued with angst;
An overwhelming Fear of the unknown.
News of a hemorrhagic fever spreads across tabloids,
Emblazoned on billboards and gigantic posters
Put on Hazmat suits accessorized with hand sanitizers
Save the handshakes!
Sanitize our souls from insanity,
Ebola panic is rife,
The strife continues,
Every battle is conquered with intrepidity.





Somisola Oyeshola 

Contestant 13 of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest

Goodluck Somisola! :)

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