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Arise oh compatriots

Arise! Come forth my children! I yearn for the days when you sought to bring out the best in me. I yearn for the days when our neighbours would look at us in envy. I yearn for the days when you had dreams of making our household succeed. I yearn for the glorious unity we once shared. I yearn for the days when you fought furiously and eloquently for the shackles to be taken off my swollen, ashy feet.


Do you think that the turmoil this household is facing is what Brother Herbert and Brother Nnamdi fought for? Do you think that this is what your older siblings devoted their time, money and ultimately their lives, for you to disgrace yourself in front of our neighbours and people from distant lands and countries? I tear my hair out as I see my children complaining, concocting, and planning on how to get to the top no matter the means. My heart bleeds as some of my sons and daughters steal from my handbag, a handbag filled with the bounty of hard labour and brutal innovation, of fruits of the natural garden my father above gave to me as a gift.

My children! Do you not want me to live? Arise!

Nigeria’s call obey

 I am calling you oh! I am screaming at the top of my voice, grovelling for your sympathy, for some mercy, for you to consider me as you sit in complacency and seek refuge in another man’s household. If you come back here and complain about the way you are treated ehn…you only have yourself to blame. You chose the unknown over the known…but I forgive you.  My arms are wide open. Just come and take the mandatory twist of the ear and then come and eat with me. My food is your food. Ask and you shall receive; you only get what you ask for, not what you deserve. I am calling you because I know that when we come together we will be invincible, unstoppable, ready and able to take on the world. Your phone is ringing and I am patiently waiting on the other side of the line for you to pick up. Will you?


To serve our fatherland

Can’t you see these house helps that you have brought into this household are trying to take over? Can’t you see the way they scheme and plot, the way they form communities and slowly but surely undermine your position as the heir or heiress of the inheritance? Why do you insist on choosing them over your own brother? Why do you insist on listening to their advice instead of your sister’s? Granted we must broaden our horizons and keep up with the times, but my son, my daughter, you don’t need these wannabes! Put on the cloak of servitude and come forth! The harvest is plenty but the labourers are few; don’t you want your portion?

With love and strength and faith

Do you love me?

Do you love me enough to die for me? Do you love your siblings enough to give up a few comforts in life? Your brother is wondering how he will pay his electricity bill; why not help him? Your sister is weeping because she is struggling to pay your niece’s school fees; why not assist her? Do you not believe in the power of love? Without love we are nothing! Without love our household will be destroyed! Are you going to sit by the side, fold your hands quietly and whistle to yourself in blissful selfishness as the grieving tears of your siblings flood this household? But I have an even more important question to ask you. I won’t get into detail but it’s worth a shot. And I beg you to think carefully before you answer.

Do you love me?

I’ve already lost your attention; I can tell by the impatient stare. You are tired of my scolding, of my chastisement, of my self-pity. But if I don’t pity myself, who will?

But despite everything, there is still hope. Your younger siblings eyes shine with hope, with loyalty, with a need to be relevant in society. And some of your mates’ are beginning to clear. But in order for this household to return to its former glory, we must hold hands and look past our differences. My children sing! Come and sing with prophetic pride.

We’ll get to the Promise Land one day.

Arise oh compatriots
Nigeria’s call obey
To serve our fatherland
With love and strength and faith
The labour of our heroes’ past
Shall never be in vain
To serve with heart and might
One nation bound in freedom
Peace and unity.



Anaecheri Angel Okwuosa

Contestant 10 of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest

Goodluck Angel! :)

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