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do we not speak of the locusts of absolute power?

how they tame noises for revolution vainly
and crown themselves proud lords of sweet lies

deceptive monkeys borne out of .our collective errors

they are the change that can never change



do give your ears to the wails of my poetry

do we not also teem noises for revolution vainly?
for we are pretentious preachers of what we never practice

we are the change that never wanted change…


do you know?

the man who wielded the broom of change yesterday
today dangles like a pendulum under the noose of justice

a wolf of woes in the sheep skins of change
they say he deflowered his four daughters…


do you hear noises of the horrible batteries?
do you hear the groans of stiffened wails?

it is the man whose index finger faults the abuse of power
he feasts his manly prowess on his wife in fistful rains…

a celebrated angel outside and the beastly devil within…


this morning is swollen with heaves of heaviness
the old mother laments in choked gasps and profuse tears…

she had caught her son unclad in the nude darkness
chanting her name in diabolic verses for hot money

he is the leader of the young shall grow movement for change…


the village teacher is the agent of a corrupt change

he prides on the sails of his libidinal feats of maidens
and how he has chained survival from bribery clothes

he gorges gloating eyes, misty with tears, in tribute pleas
under the threats of his wields of failure …his wand of change.


what of the clerical sycophants in the deceit of change?
whose sermons are published alone to feed their bellies

their tongues are vacant treasuries of truth’s currency

they celebrate the error of sins in saintly apparel
and ring the bell of approval of wileful wickedness…


labake…shall we reason?

if silence does not rule these boundaries of wrongs
and our garments sown with the threads of change…

this clamour for change would forever be the sound of a needle-drop
amidst ravaging raucity of a corrupt nation.


Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju 

Contestant 1 of the #Patriotsforchange creativity contest

Goodluck Ayoola! :)

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