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The full quiz, titled Lifeboat Activity read thus:


The following 15 people are on a yacht (a fancy boat). The yacht developed a leak and is sinking fast. There is only one lifeboat and only 9 people will fit. Not one more can fit and there are no more life boats or life jackets.

You must come to an agreement as to which 9 people you will save. You must also! List the people in order of importance, because if they run out of food and water the less important people will have to be dumped overboard.

You will have ____ minutes to complete this activity.

Bonus: You will get bonus points if you write in complete sentences why you chose those people for the lifeboat.


These are your people…

  1. A pregnant woman

  2. An ex-convict

  3. A guy doctor

  4. A girl doctor

  5. A black guy

  6. A white guy

  7. An Hispanic woman

  8. A minister

  9. Donald Trump

  10. Mr. Hagerman

  11. Mr. BoBo

  12. A Rabbi

  13. Barack Obama

  14. Justin Bieber

  15. A police officer

After finding out about this assignment, parent Valerie Kennel was not happy. She told WFLA Channel 8 out of Tampa:

“It’s racist, in every form. It has nothing to do with history. Nothing to do with it, and what is it teaching them?” She went on to say, “Who do you pick? Why is one person better than the other? Why do some get left out? …She’s 11, how is she supposed to pick people based off of what they’re saying? Like to her, everybody matters, everybody should have a chance.”

 In regards to the assignment being upsetting, Valerie’s daughter, Leah, had this to say:

“I got kind of upset about it, and everybody else in the classroom was like, “Wow, this is racist, this is racist.”

 In defense of the assignment, Stephanie Baxter-Jenkins of the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association said:

“So I understand it makes people feel uncomfortable, but that is one of the educational points of doing it, and in a world where we want our kids to gain key critical thinking skills, this is one of the ways in which we do that.”

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