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A recent ugly trend for absolute concern from all is the case of the increasing news of lecturers in higher institutions of learning demanding for sex from innocent students before giving them their due measure. The predominance of this ugly situation is found in our universities and polytechnic. A little effort might be spared in trying to figure out the cause/s of this cancerous growth.

For years without end, my spirit has been tremendously troubled in trying to grasp the reasoning — if any — behind this ugly spate of news circulating within our ivory towers of teachers demanding for sex from students before passing them.

The worrisome situation is more prevalent with the male lecturers — whom can never quench the untoward fire of their unbridled libidos — as testified by different statistics. These male lecturers are only quelled, sexually that is, after they’ve eventually slept with a hapless female student, sometimes young enough to be their own granddaughter, or old enough to be their daughters’ age. Baruwa, the Unilag lecturer recently caught, proves a substantial case-in-study of the increasing rate of this sad occurrence. The majority of such incidents, sadly, however, are unreported which in turn makes it harder to get the correct and precise statistics and data of this horrible development.

But that notwithstanding, it is quite clear, and can never be contradicted by any twitch of contrary argument that volumes of students in our tertiary institutions — mostly the females — are daily being used, desecrated, misused, disused and abused their lecturers, whom for all intent and purposes should be the preservators and guardians of these innocent ones, all in the name of passing exams and getting to the next level.

Another side of the argument, worthy of looking into is the claim by most caught individuals that the female students themselves should be blamed only for whatever fate befell them. To this class, it was the female students who unabashedly thrust their bodily wares into their faces, and in their human weak form, they had no option than to unreservedly nib at the bait. These female students are the types who are never in class; the ones who are always partying in one clubhouse or the other during weekends, and even weekdays; the ones who only remember their studentship status towards exams. Of course, these female students will end up failing woefully, and thus will graciously offer themselves to lecturers for pass marks. I will honestly desist from disputing the veracity of such claims. Such claims might be valid in their rights.

But, in all fairness, and frankness, I don’t take the above claim serious enough to warrant a second looking into. For all I know, the class of students referred to forms only a minute occurrence of the gross situation at hand. The majority of the cases all point to the absurd fact that it is the male lecturers who demand for the females’ bodily services in order to give them their due entitlements: so plain and unabashedly do they do it nowadays that one could be tempted to conclude it is the norm. To this strange doctrine, I may easily grant, that perhaps some female students receive the proper remedies for their choosing not to engage in the business that brought them to school, which might sound totally unintelligible and unreasonable. More over, the occurrence of sex-for-grades is also so prevalent in secondary schools that it makes one wonder and question, without the least hint at restraint, ‘What on earth are our learning institutions turning into?’ Brothels? perhaps.

Apparently, those lecturers who engage in such unwholesome practice quickly forget that Karma is never asleep; nay, has never been asleep. When a man, on his own accord, so far labels himself a degenerate, and declares himself to quit the principles of human nature and civility, and to make himself a noxious creature, whereby he commonly causes grievous injuries to others, Karma is just there around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to repay and reward him in kind. Such lecturers will definitely have their daughters being sexually harassed and molested by other licentious lecturers, too. It just must surely happen. The revolving circle of the earth has made it a sure-banker.

In case anyone has forgotten so soon, conjugal society is made by a voluntary compact between the man and the woman. In the case of sex for grades, there is a clear absence of voluntariness on the part of the woman. She’s only taken into the sexual contract by the presence of subtle and imminent threats of failure dangling over her head. This then makes such sexual union an obvious case of rape. Yes, rape it is. I doubt not but this will seem a very strange doctrine to some men; nay, most men, since obviously the female student never even complained during the sexual act, nor was there the presence of any obvious dangers which faced the woman. But to this argument, I say, he who would get another into his power without the latter’s consent, has power to use the latter as he pleased, and he could destroy the latter when he fancied it, could only do so by making the latter a slave, against the latter’s right of freedom.



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