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Well, we all know how it works– you’re sitting with friends or just randomly texting, then you remember something you ought to do, you analyze the lot of it, make up a thousand and one reasons why you can’t and must do it some other time, and in the end, you postpone it! –you say you’ll do it the next day, the next week, “next time”…

When what we ought to do stares us in the face, we see it as not that much of a big deal, after all, we’ll do it anyway! However, pretty soon the “little” but constant extensions soon become a little too rampant, slowly growing into a bad habit, and then more work piles up and you’re wondering “how the hell do I have so much yet undone”?

Procrastination is like an addiction!–It’s all fun and games till you find yourself postponing your entire life!

Procrastination ends up making you come off as one whose words hold no water, well, because to take one seriously…one must take themselves serious first.

Although doing it some other time always seems like the obvious easier choice, doesn’t always mean that it’s the right choice. So whenever you feel like postponing and doing it “some other time”, just remember, “next time” isn’t always the “right time”!

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