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Saturday, the 24th of September, 2016 another opportunity for CHEC to continue the journey of their humanitarian services, with their Monthly Child Development Workshop, tailored towards skill building, mentoring/tutoring the orphaned and the less-privileged children on different areas of expertise.

In it’s 5th edition, CHEC’s empowerment workshop prepared for orphans and the less-privileged children, wheeled towards THE ARROWS OF GOD, ORPHANAGE HOME with the theme “The Future in Their Hands”. Indeed, the future is not to be searched for in ethereal places but inscribed in the palms of the children.

The workshop which happened to be one of its kind for CHEC and the entire team was fashioned to achieve extensively the ideals and goals of the CHEC initiative by not just providing motivational words of encouragement but also hands-on knowledge and technical proficiency of different vocations, which for this month, took the direction of Cake-making.


Surely, the day did not come without its own hard challenges, transportation which has sometimes been a major one for the team, as this time, conveying ourselves through the very coarse and water-logged roads leading to the orphanage became even more, a trial. Through the test of our fate and some good luck on the side, we eventually found ourselves in the midst of the children who regardless of the exhaustion on their faces from the long wait, couldn’t hide their excitement for thoughts of making cakes.

CHEC’s founder, Chinonye J. Chidolue took the mantle of unlocking the session by getting the children actively involved with little fun exercises to cheer and liven them up, and also to introduce the children on the nitty-gritties and modalities of the workshop and the “abracadabra” they were soon to perform with their hands to make an appetizing cake appear.


Promptly, Mrs. Timilehin Bello, caterer and founder of De’ Bella Cakes & Glasses took charge of the moment and began her tutoring with the children who were seemingly now energized for the day’s activity. As the worktable was already laid bare for her, she unveiled her catering items, taking the children on a tour round the colorful and edible items– from flour to sugar, butter, coloring, mixing bowl & stick, soda powder, and whatnots.


Having identified each of the items on her table and their importance to baking, she aesthetically began the mixing process of butter and sugar, the first and foundational stage of cake making. At this point, she got every single child present to participate in the continuous process of mixing the butter, regardless of their pint-sized hands.

The practical session surely was not work alone for the fun caterer, who expertly mixed learning with fun. Knowing children to get bored easily, she Ideally turned her tutorial into a fun learning ground by throwing practical and intellectual questions to the children (especially to the adults among them), on both the science and art of cake making. This surely got them racking their brains to get the answers right as even the younger ones attempted their hands on practically all the questions asked.


In no time, the euphoria of the moment had pulled the task through, and right in front of the children appeared the already mixed cake batter, ready to be baked!

Once the cake batter was set to be baked, there was however yet another challenge: no oven to bake! This didn’t deter the promising day and the zeal of the team as a ready alternative was provided– the traditional way– the woods!


Hereon, Joshua Edeh, popularly known as Josh, an upcoming musician, and the 2nd facilitator of the day, entertained the kids with his song and encouraged them to use their talents for the good of everyone. He performed his hit single “Right back” and several other singles from his yet to be released album. The delighted children energetically joined him in the singing and dancing.


Even though the cake took twice longer than usual to get baked, the team had to wait until 7pm, when the cake was done before leaving under dark weather which began to drizzle.


Mr. Ifenna, a Cinematographer and Nollywood Movie Director, who also came through to support the team on their 5th edition, covered the entire event with videos, interviews with the facilitators (Mrs. Timilehin Bello and Josh Edeh) and CHEC representatives (Miss Chinonye J. Chidolue and Eneji Stephen Toluwalashe popularly known as Soul’e Rhymez).

As CHEC’s Team Member had it– “Again, CHEC’s arrow hit its target”. Surely we did as against all odds, we recorded another success with. We are again grateful as we continue to strive on with our empowerment schemes for the benefit of the orphaned children. We appreciate the authorities at the Arrows of God Orphanage for giving us the privilege of making their home a learning ground for the children. We appreciate also our sponsors both past and present, for their strong support. We are entirely grateful.

The ‘Arrows of God Orphanage’ is a home that caters for over 150 orphaned, abandoned & destitute children. The Home has an approved nursery & primary school on its premises for the children. The older children attend other schools on scholarship. The orphanage was founded in 1998. We encourage you to please support in nurturing the talent of the children. By Investing in their talent and you would have invested in their future!

Wish to join CHEC in this free calling to serve humanity, by becoming a part of us? Or you wish to simply volunteer as a Mentor/Skill builder in nurturing the skills and talents of the children? Kindly reach out to us. In every little way, together, there’s so much we can do!

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