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Previously on “On Crimes and Punishment”: EPISODE 1


I have always tried to imagine the huge volume of explaining humans will have to give the devil when the time eventually comes. One sure thing, the devil won’t take it lightly with the majority of the explanations, and I might add that he would be astounded and petrified at the same time. The devil takes the blame for the theft, rape, affray and so many other unmentionable acts. So much for the devil bearing the brunt of our every actions, the products of our own free will.

Sometimes, I wonder how the devil must really have been feeling from all the name-calling and finger-pointing. The worst of it is that very irritating report in which the caught individual will speedily heap the blame on the devil. As in where a depraved and demented (of course, you are free to add idiotic, stupid, moronic and imbecilic) sixty-year old pedophile would hurriedly blame the devil after being caught. And the case of the petty thief coming on the pages of newspapers and TV screens to declare that indeed it was the devil who magically appeared behind him to push him into stealing.

I would be risking everything on my hunch to claim that indeed the devil does enter humans to commit such grievous crimes as murder or rape, but I think the claim is worth it. For in the case of the madman, who’s mind and reason is absent, who butchers somebody else, he didn’t do it of his own accord, technically speaking. It was an agent inside him that did it, technically speaking.

However, it is man’s custom to always want to rationalize his heinousness by complaining that the devil took firm grip of him which led him into committing one grievous crime after the other. In our sophistication — or rather, affability?– we virtually shrug aside the immoral individual such that we invariably encourage his degeneration into darker thoughts and evil machinations. To ‘remedy’ this, it became the habit of man to engage in one crime after the other; an infallible sign of galloping crime-philia or evil-mania. Such cases degenerate rapidly and are usually incurable. The only way out being to self-destruct, after the criminal had regrettably done away with many unsuspecting victims.

And so far for the most heinous crimes as rape and murder, is the invincible hand of the devil involved? I think not. That is if we can see the devil to ask him, but since we can not, let me continue. The devil is wise and tricky to know that he would only have to dangle before men that thing which they cherish most and they will tumble head over heels into his devastating firm grasp. With his hand firmly on the bait, the devil would start a sinister and deadly demonstration, and a slight nip of the bait will ignite a fire like a pile of dry kindling; a fire so devastating and ragingly difficult to put out.

Take for instance, the serial rapist who is in the custom of pushing the blame on the devil, or the dogged armed robber, or even the cold-sick murderer, is it not as a result of the devil presenting before their paths those thing which make the commission of their crimes easy that they enjoy committing the crimes and subsequently push the blame on the devil? The devil played upon their feelings as carefully and skillfully as a first-class artiste plays upon his instrument, dangling nudity and sexual perversion alluringly before the rapist and hapless victims regrettably before the murderer. And when eventually their cups get filled, the blame automatically shifts to the devil even though they had chosen to fall into his trap with their eyes wide open.

When in the upheavals of a distorted life which some want to flee from but which some others want to engage in happens, those who had accepted to embrace such demented lives will slip into things much worse than the devil himself, and in the process, the resultant effects they will display would be the products of some poisoned and warped thoughts. So when next one might one to blame the devil for crimes committed personally, one should take deep breaths, thoroughly examine one’s life and be certain he/she hasn’t provided the devil that enabling environment to perfect his purpose. The devil does not require so much as a whole man to engineer his devious purpose; the most minute opening in man’s heart is enough for him.

But then, let me suggest a little way in which I think we can bypass the it-was-the-devil blame syndrome. Once that particular devious yearning obsessively rears it ugly head, just blank your thoughts away from it and pretend it never crossed your thinking horizon.

To be Continued….

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