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Hello Peregrine family,



I’m sorry that this year’s Christmas post came a little late. The holiday started on a high key, shutting off everything to flood in the spirit of Christmas celebrations.

How’s the holiday coming so far?

The 25th of December came with so much excitement not for the Christmas vibe alone but for my birthday too! Yes, my birthday falls on the same day as Christmas and I had a very wonderful celebration. I was spoiled with the love of family, friends and loved ones that it was almost impossible to recover from the lavish pamper that was given to me.

My birthday gave me another opportunity to realize how far I’ve come and how much further I need to go in the pursuit of my goals and dreams. It also awakened so much gratitude in me for the challenges I’ve faced this year and have been able to conquer by the Grace of God and with the love, care and support of family and loved ones. Whilst the celebration went on, I nursed these thoughts about life that inspired a poem I titled


What’s happy about a “happy birthday”?
Little whispers of desires,
Golden flames and coloured lights,
Rumbles of laughter rattling down your spines…?

What’s happy about a “happy birthday”?
Coloured wraps of goodies,
Tumblers of drinks and yummy crisps of cookies,
Mound of earth-size cakes with juiciest toppings…?

What’s happy about a “happy birthday”?
Adrenaline rush from love’s touch,
Explosion of passion underneath lovers’ shroud,
Exchange of breathes and slurping of tongues…?

What’s a happy about a “happy birthday”?
Cheerful words of comfort and love,
Rekindling of bonds from friends and loved ones,
Grinning in smiling curves from sunset till dawn…?

What really is happy about a “happy birthday”?
These thoughts I nursed at the tingle of birthday’s fun
But this tingle caused no giggle at reality’s mocking fuss–
That “birth” day actually comes in an entire lifespan, just once!

A “happy” birthday is just a thankful escape from 365 death days…
For an entry into a new 365 days of greater hills,
A reminder that greater hills call for even greater responsibilities,
And that even with greater responsibilities, life is nothing but a dream with not a second promised!


Chinonye J. Chidolue © 2015.

2015 has been for me a year of gratitude and praise! I know of mouths that stopped speaking, lungs that stopped breathing, hearts that stopped beating, eyes that stopped blinking.

I’ve felt the pain of mocking breathes and the joys of escape from death….

If mere living and breathing is not enough reason to be happy and grateful, then nothing else that can be achieved with life can truly make one genuinely happy…

Thanks to all who subscribed to the blog this year, to those who have participated in our recent blog events especially the #CHILDHERO contest (update coming next), and to our very ardent readers, guest bloggers and contributors, you all are the soul of peregrineReads. Thanks for your support always…

I wish you the blessings and joy of the Christmas season. May the blessings of God shine down upon you and your family this holiday season.


With Love,….

Chinonye J. Chidolue


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