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You shine so bright like the rays of the morning sun
Like a calm breeze, you leave in my heart a peaceful song
In my darkest hours, your hand is always there to pull me through
When I had nowhere to turn to; no one to turn to
You were there, standing, waiting for me, Nneoma!

Inscribed on your heart are lines of compassion
One with whom the angels from above contend
A woman of great virtue, clothed in robes of kindness
A paragon of beauty, heaven’s own masterpiece!
Who for no dime, I was blessed with such rare gift– Nneoma!

You saw me through my crawling to my talking state
And as I grew, you taught me the words to pray
When life and all its turns seemed hard to follow
Through your prayers, there was another hope for tomorrow
And when I kneel to pray, my first thought becomes you– Nneoma!

You saw the star in me when I was just an empty bed of cloud
Lending your hand all through the climb
Always there to wipe the tears from brow to brow
You taught me to first believe and then to work hard
Ah! when I get to the top, I shall write your name on the clouds– Nneoma!

Because of you I am, because of you I will be
To repay you for all that you ever have done for me
As years go by, I bless God for giving me one so true
Today, as you add on another year to your life
I pray the lord to bless and keep you always– my sweet angel Mother!


With Love, your beloved daughter “Chi”

‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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