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One rose petal after another, one reckless breathe after another, she stood with pulse rising faster. She wasn’t sure what had consumed her, she couldn’t explain it and all that raced through her mind was to feed this sexual desire that had begun to consume her!

It was mid-afternoon and she had to rush back to the arms of her “boyfriend”. The office environment had definitely started to feel like a volcano eruption took place in there. She needed to feel some cold chills running down her brown skin! She needed her Man.

‘Dami! You need to go through this work again before we send it out for publication. It still has a lot of errors that needs to be corrected’ Halima said with annoyance. They’d been childhood friends and have always been work colleagues too, as Dami loves to term it “partners-in-crime”.


‘Dami! Dami! Wherever is your mind? You do realize we have just one day more to beat our deadline?’ Screaming in her face now angrily….


“Oh stop shouting my name! What?!”

‘It’s that guy again right! I’ve told you, one of these days; I will be the one typing your dismissal letter. These guys will come and go but your career remains! You better stop gambling and stick with what makes you happy because as far as you have told me about this your strange Mr Dave or whatever you call him, dude is going to use you from back to back and dump you like a sack!’

‘Girl enough of your sermons, can you put in word for me again today please. I need to go home to my boo…’ packing off her stuff from the table hastily. ‘Don’t worry, will give you a full gist of how it went down’ dami says, twirling her waist from side to side as she flew out of the office like a happy kid, caring less of her friend’s reply.

As she drove, she couldn’t help but reminisce over her super romance the night before. She had never felt so much love since she met him – Dave. Her perfect idea of an ideal man! She could care less about introducing him to anyone, as it were; she was the only person who thought Dave was her “Mr Perfect” or even knew for a fact who Dave really is. She had suffered failed relationships to the point where she had given up on relationships. Dave was however her only exception.

Dami held fast onto her steering, gulping so hard as she tilted her neck on the head rest of her car seat. Blood vastly flowed from every corner of her veins, pushing down towards her lower abdomen and below! She grinned, responding to every trail of Dave’s kisses all over her skin. He kissed her from ear to ear, forehead, the tip of her nose, she struggled to get a grip of his mouth but he was faster than her, relishing the sweet taste of her skin. He placed his big soft chest on her now as she slid underneath him letting go of the steering slowly with lips half open and eyes half shut, letting out soft moans…..

horns blaring “Ugh, you either get out of my way or get your car off the road and find yourself a damn bedroom! Olosho!” screamed a rugged frustrated bus driver who had struggled to overtake her but couldn’t. He had seen her body mannerisms from her transparent window and could swear a man was giving her some pleasure. *Bash!!!** The impatient bus driver had to ruin the moment; he’d squashed the boot of her car!

With eyes wide open, Dami realized she’d been daydreaming in traffic! The sound of her bashed car meant nothing to her than the moment she was anticipating, she zoomed out of the now eased traffic, taking all the shortest routes that led to her house.

‘Daaaave! I’m back home!’ She sang his name excitingly going to the fridge to take a glass of chilled water to calm herself down. Pulling out a bottle of red wine and the bunch of rose she had picked from the flower store yesterday to give to Dave, she headed for the big couch in the sitting room. She pulled out her clothes one after the other, slowly, seductively, as Dave sat and watched. In no time, she had gotten all undressed ready to unleash her sexual demon! Fondling her mugs softly, twisting like a porn star…she took a sip of her red wine, pouring little drops on Dave forehead, sexually arousing him. In a split second, she was locked up in his arms and they made out passionately, enjoying every second of the early evening.

The lock of the door slowly shrieks as Halima who has Dami’s spare key tries to stalk Dami to satisfy her curiosity about Dave. She enters the house in quiet tip-toes, stopping by the kitchen as well to have a glass of water after which she slowly made her way down to the sitting room…..

squash The glass of water found its way straight to the ground with a huge bang!

‘DAMI !!!!! WHAT THE F….?! YOUR DAVE? A HUGE ASS POOR FREAKING TEDDY?!! OH NO!’ Halima bashed out disgustingly…

‘It’s not what you think Hali…, I mean, I can explain!’ Putting back her clothes on, but Hali had left.

“Oh Dave, we’ve been found out”…..she sinks back in her couch and goes back to cuddling with Dave. She just couldn’t help it!




Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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