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The monkey should be cautious,
lest it climbs the bee-hived tree.
The whip-master should be cautious,
lest he whips a royal kin.

The grasshopper that sneaks about is death bound,
let alone the frog that throws itself to the ground,
you must step a cold ground when you pour it water,
an alarm raised softly can get dancers.

‘Pele’s’ bowl never breaks,
‘Pele’s’ plates never shatter,
we spare the tree for the bud’s sake,
a forgiving elder is a multitude’s father.

A man offended yet unangered is a bastard,
a man appeased yet unforgiving is a bastard,
oh anger, I have sent you no errands,
oh rage, I refuse you too my errands.

A big cloth does not make a big man,
cut your coat according to your size,
rise of pride is fall of man,
prostrating for a dwarf reduces no size.

Be careful of the world’s wild fame,
the frog ended his’ by going lame,
the cap wielding elephant killer is only adored for so long,
when strife comes, proverbs replace songs.


Written by: Morakinyo T. Bolarinwa

Morakinyo T. Bolarinwa is a graduate of the faculty of Law, Obafemi
Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and a new entrant into the Nigerian Law
School. She is the Deputy-Editor of Mustard Press Agency, OAU, a press board
which has since transformed to a blog in appreciation of the shrinking
of the global atlas by technology.

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