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Hello Peregrine readers,

Last week, on INDEPENDENCE DAY, the winners of the #Patriotsforchange contest were announced on the blog!

My sincere appreciation once again to all the contestants who sent in their entries! The contest was indeed a remarkable one, awakening in our minds the spirit of patriotism, which is simply the love of our country and the inclination to sacrifice for it.

The #Patriotsforchange contest aimed at bringing a re-birth of the core values of the lives of the youths today who would possess the nation tomorrow, hence, the need to fight to protect the nation’s freedom, and to preserve her peace and unity for a better tomorrow, which can be summed up in one word – Patriotism!

As in the words of John McCain, “Patriotism is a countless acts of love, kindness and courage that have no witness or heraldry; it is an action that takes place where nobody is watching, and it is especially commendable, because, there are unrecorded”.

Thanks a lot to all the participants of the #Patriotsforchange creativity; it’s been a pleasure sharing your amazing piece of creativity!

The winners, alongside the mode of the contest, the scores of the contesting patriots and the sponsors have been announced. If you missed it, please read here….

Meet the faces behind the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place WIN of the contest….

AYOOLA GOODNESS OLANREWAJU- 1ST PLACE WINNER of the contest with his poem “The sound of a needle drop”


Goodness Lanre Ayoola (b. 1989) hails from Osun State, Nigeria. A teacher and a poet. Some of his poems have appeared in the tuck magazine, indian periodicals, Peregrine reads, literary vox, Kalahari Review, Novel Afrique, words rhymes and rhythms, praxismagonline, ijagun poetry journal and other online poetry magazines and sites. He has a B.A (ed) in English and a Nigeria Certificate in Education in English and Yoruba languages. He is currently rounding off his service year as a corps member in Enugu State.

“The #PatriotsForChange contest is a laudable initiative, apart from being a contest, it was an avenue to air the thoughts of writers on the Change Factor for our dear country on the platform of creativity.

My winning is still a surprise, because I really did not know where the votes were coming from compared to the number of times I shared the link. I am overwhelmed. A big THANK YOU to all my readers and the Peregrine Reads and Sponsors. I love you all.

May the change we seek happen to us all. God bless.”

OYINKANSOLA-OURIAS ADESEWA- 2ND PLACE WINNER of the contest with her painting  “Nigeria in God’s eye”


Oyinkansola Adesewa is a 13 year old SS1 student of Yava College Of Technology Secondary School,Yaba Lagos. She’s a young poet, an artist (drawing and painting), a model, designer (Clothes designing and Adire). She’s a motivational speaker (speaking the mind of the child especially the girl child). She had her first poem book published when she was 8years old which makes her the youngest published Nigerian Poet. She loves dancing, travelling on adventures, meeting people and making new friends. She also loves playing the violin.

“The contest is a very educating and informative one and I suppose it will bring more awareness on the creativity aspects of individuals in different forms of arts -poetry,drawing,short story writing et all. My win in the contest I owe to everyone who have liked and voted my work Nigeria in God’s eye’.

The piece is just to let us know that no matter how tough it may seem, our nation Nigeria is still an apple of God’s eye, and that was why I used different shades of green to denote growth, depth, fertility and rebirth. And our traditional instruments in the painting was for us to know that in order to move forward, we must always appreciate our cultural heritage and learn to protect it because that is what God has given to us. Thank you!”

OYIN OLUDIPE- 3RD PLACE WINNER of the contest with his essay  “And then, our conscience sector”


Oyin Oludipe is the Non-fiction Editor of Expound, a Magazine of Arts and Aesthetics. His poems have appeared in several literary journals like The Kalahari Review, Arts and Africa, The New Black Magazine, Ijagun Poetry Journal, Tuck Magazine, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, WILDSound Review, Kaanem Magazine, Magma Poetry Magazine, The Literary Vox, Black Boy Review and others. He is a contributor to the anthologies, “Black Communion: Poems of 10 New African Poets”, “Footmarks: Poems on 100 Years of Nigeria’s Nationhood” and “The Sky is Our Earth: Poems of Fifty Young Nigerian Poets.” In 2013, Oyin received the WRR Poetry Beacon Prize.

“I appreciate the Peregrine Reads community for this campaign of patriotism. It is a good thing for citizens to share meanings and reflections on this matter. In the end, we must continue to ask ourselves what we can do for our country. Our goal, as Nigerians, should be to build Nigerians.”

Thanks again to everyone who participated and followed up through the contest! We hope that the spirit of patriotism shall always be rekindled in us with the flames of our creativity and passion, that through them, our peace and unity as a nation shall be awakened!

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Until future contests to come, remain patriotic! :) 

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