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Like a rainy day in April
Raindrops swallowed the streets
Houses got threatened by the winds
The city trembled upon new bills
Our fear became their new thrill
Playing distress tunes that we may dance
Our complaints and wails, they pay no mind!

Upon lives they pledge to destroy and kill
Every blood shed becomes a portion-a-meal
Their seats stink of deceit and pride
Dressed in costumes of wealth and power
As in babel, building sky-top towers
All that their incompetence may hide
Soaring in falsehood and lies

Can you hear the voice of the fair?
Who speak for Justice and fair share?
Do we listen but sell our choice for tags?
Lured in the trap of the “needy” bags
Passed around with pretty promises
In good time their service decreases
Mass deception labelled “politics”

At night they render weapons in stacks
Waiting on a call for job well done
In the morning they grace our televisions
Forgetting to wipe their lips off the burn
They say they ate no meat but they pick their tooth
The blind man sees it all with his third vision
The dumb loudly declares their mission is cash

Daily, a gathering covers the vendor’s stall
Everyone watching in folded arms and awe
Another tale of death to be bought
Another injustice to be fought
The hearts of scholars are sore with bruises
The city lay quiet recording its ruins
The carcass of the masses lay in pieces
The future is yet Unborn.


“Dear Government… I’m going to have a serious talk with you if I ever find anyone to talk to.”

Stieg Larsson (The Girl Who Played with Fire)

‘Nonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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