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So many express likeness
And people think its love
Some like but think they love.
Oh! what a blindness!

Instead of making relationship
An eternal blessing,
Sadly, today’s relationship
Is made an unforgettable lesson

What is the different
between love and like?
Are they truly different?
Yes! Like an aircraft and a bike.

When you LIKE a flower,
you’ll just pluck it.
But when you LOVE a flower,
Daily, you’ll water it.

Get this logic right
And your relationship turns bright
Get it wrong
And of ways, it goes the wrong.

The world is a shadow:
if you run after it,
you will not catch it.
And you’ll remain at the window.

But if you turn your back to it,
it will follow you.
You will own it
And its dwellers will be for you.

We can save many relations
Understanding that people ain’t wrong,
Only Different From our expectations
To Love is right, to Like isn’t wrong

Know it when you love
And be ready for endurance
And when you like
Its cool if you are intolerance.

Patient does this
So drop the knife.
One who understand this,
Understand life.


Ayeyemi Taofeek Kehinde, popularly called Aswagaawy, is a Nigerian writer – essays and poetry and has got his works published on Omojuwa, Best Poetry Encyclopedia et al. 

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