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I know how to smile
To shame the taste of bile
I am dying to live
In the garment of humility and love to give.

I have heard of the true thirst help
It is in the purest of a water drip
Shot down in cloudy stringed bow
Showers of a divinely liquid arrow.

I have seen a dream fight
In a dark dread and fearful fright
The one ended in a glorious victory
And the young man deadly story.

I know of the smell of shame
Strikingly rich than the fart’s spreading fame
The disgrace of ridiculous jeers
Defeating sounds of the muddy smears.

I have heard the tale of the lover bird
From life she thought a human gird
She married a soul soldier
And she grew quite quiet and quick older.

I have seen myself amidst foes
Like a grain and a river of woes
Pelting silent daggers and darts
Friends without friendly hearts.

I know the pain of the rotten teeth
The painless penniless poison of death
The wan smile of a vicious villain
The heart and the countenance of Cain.

I have heard the amazement of the bud of maize
So be it for evil and good repays
The telltale of the Capricorn
And the mystery lodged in its beautiful horn.

I have seen Ajoke’s skirts grow shorter
Maami eat bread without butter
Brother Chike earn money from blood
Again, Prophet Noah prays for the flood.

Written by: Goodness Lanre Ayoola

Goodness Lanre Ayoola (b. 1989) hails from Osun State, Nigeria. Some of his poems have appeared in the tuck magazine, indian periodicals, Kalahari Review, Novel Afrique, words rhymes and rhythms, praxismagonline, ijagun poetry journal and other online poetry magazines and sites. He has a B.A (ED) in English Education and an NCE certificate in English and Yoruba languages.

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