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Everyday, stepping out to the street, in the midst of the bustle and hustle of activities from dawn to dusk, constantly reminds me that everything in life is a gift not to be misused. Even the gift of the air that we breathe.

I remember how when growing up, need I include even till date, my mum would always stand against throwing of food away. No matter how overfed you are, you just must keep the food preserved until you’re hungry again. Otherwise, accept to eat what you can finish, so you won’t have to remain.

Finishing my food seemed like a punishment for me. I probably didn’t understand it, until I grew up. Even the food I struggled to eat for my low appetite for food, would be such a blessing to a lot of people out there who barely have anything to eat in a day. It means a lot remembering the words of my mum every time I have something to eat. I’m still a very bad, slow and picky “eater” but I will never throw my food away unless it is harmful to my health.

Why did I remember this lesson? Here’s a read of what life is like for some in Cape Town and how an amazing project from streetstore gave them a chance at enjoying some of life’s hard privileges.

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The number of homeless people in Cape Town is on the rise, a fact normally attributed to the growing prevalence of drug addiction and rising unemployment. People put their heads together and the world’s first rent-free, premises-free, free “pop-up clothing store” for the poor, found entirely on the street and curated by the public to help out the homeless was born.

These are the poster hangers used to hold the donated items for the homeless to choose from.


This heart warming idea put clothes on people’s backs who needed them the most and gave the homeless the chance to go shopping without having to spend a penny.


To most of us, shopping is an everyday normal act but to others a mere far fetched dream  as they are used to bagging on the streets.


A homeless lady being brought to tears as It had been 8 years when she last bought an item of clothing from a shop.




Above are images of the homeless buying (without cash of-course) the clothes that they actually liked.


A child delighted to pick out something he liked.


Donated clothes up on the poster hangers.

Some of the homeless individuals have lived on the street many years making it impossible for them to enjoy the pleasures of trade.

This project  involved using the social media to ask for donations from people and eventually hanging up the donated clothes for the homeless to choose things they liked. This is to show that we can all make a difference, all we need to do is work together and try.

Culled: Thestreetstore

Selfless acts for humanity is true greatness indeed!

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