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Darkness wore white robe by 6,
We looked up into hopes midst,
For the sun is out with a girlfriend,
We do hope this menace will soon end,
On June 12.

When the baton was changed by noon,
We waited for the news from the moon,
That he is crowned,
That it is done,
That hope is come,
But it was gone.
For on June 12,
We died again,
Murder gave its rain,
And we drenched in blood,
Flooding M.K.A blood
Taking our roofs
Taking our farmlands
On June 12.

In tear’s,
In pant’s,
In bra’s,
In shorts,
We all marched,
Side by side,
In your flood of blood,
To know where it goes,
To know where it leads,
Whether to the footprints of your mob,
Or him, who murdered our hope
June 12.

Oh! M.K.A,
I wish your blood had eyes,
to see how our heads are set ablaze.
I wish your blood had eyes,
To hear our native chants,
That we have died again.

June 12 murdered you,
June 12 murdered us,
June 12 soured our soup.

May breath in the world,
On this day cease,
In your honour,
For on June 12,
We died again.


Written by:

Ufiem Ibiam Ude, a creative writer. He’s works has been published in
Ebonyi Voice newspaper,Creative Crew Africa,Nationlight,Aluta etc.
Founder,Creative Crew Africa(CCA)

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