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Hello Peregrines!

Today is the big day we have long anticipated! Today, 13 Contesting patriots will begin a rare journey that many have spoken of, few have embarked on and even fewer have the courage to begin. It’s that journey of CHANGE!

CHANGE is a journey and not a destination. CHANGE is that constant breakout from enslaving norms to exploring new boundaries of progression. CHANGE is that force that suppresses oppression. CHANGE is the reward for relentless voices and sleepless actions. CHANGE is the FUTURE that we have all been waiting for and that future is us!

The #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE movement is for you too who will decide today that the change you seek must begin from you, when you realise that the CHANGE that we look out for through our windows may just be found when stop looking out but within! For Change can only happen a moment at a time, when we have all played our fair roles, one day at a time for the betterment of our beloved nation.

The #Patriotsforchange are not just the contestants but you and me who must begin working towards the dreams  we have long anticipated for Nigeria. Let the Patriot in you begin from today to begin acting rather than asking, building rather than breaking, amending rather than condemning. We may be product of past mistakes but we should never be prisoners of fate. Let us be the hope that we seek and the truth that we profess!

Journey with the #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE as they lend their voices towards CHANGE. From now till the 30th of september. Come back often to support your favourite contesting patriot with your “likes”! It’s about the creativity, fun, and PATRIOTIC spirit!

Remember, the three contestants with the highest number of “likes” become our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Meet the contesting #PATRIOTSFORCHANGE

  • Contestant 1- Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju with “The sound of a needle drop” 
  • Contestant 2-SunsamPaul Egwu with “Save the slum” 
  • Contestant 3- Jennifer Dafwat with “Independence”
  • Contestant 4- Ogunsanyan Enitan Olalekan with “Here comes” 
  • Contestant 5- Akpevwa Carl Xavier with “On your marks, change!!” 
  • Contestant 6- Obinna Jones with “I wish” 
  • Contestant 7- Oyebo Seun with “Great Egba”
  • Contestant 8- Oyin Oludipe with “And then, our conscience sector” 
  • Contestant 9- Modebe Ikechukwu with “We can make it” 
  • Contestant 10-  Angel Okwuosa with “A Mother’s cries”
  • Contestant 11- Lawal Hafeez with “My country-my destiny”
  • Contestant 12- Oyeyiola-ourias oyinkansola adesewa with “Nigeria in God’s eye”
  • Contestant 13- Omosomisola Oyeshola with “Let my country awake”

There you go! Let the contest begin….

Best of luck to all the contestants. May your creativity WIN!

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