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Do you remember when accessing the internet was like visiting another country on your  phone desktop either at home or at a cyber café? The feeling of having your first yahoo mail account was priceless! I remember getting pretty excited at receiving emails from family and friends (and by this, I mean genuine family and friends not cyber friends and family lol) Even the sound of my phone ringing was like being a winner. There was so much life with the gradual exposure to technology and in time, social media. Now, communicating is getting so stale. I totally suck do my best at chatting. LOL.

Before the advent of today’s social world, we had a better sense of individuality, better connection with people, but this alone will not be sufficient for a better advanced world. So, thanks to social media even with all its rights and wrongs! It would be plain silly and unthinkable to deny its numerous advantages…

But how can one fully tap into their social life without letting it tap into their relationships and personal lives? I will share with you 3 simple tricks–

Before then, here are some of the craziest real life stories of Digital world Addiction , following the first sequel to this post.

1) The WhatsAppitis syndrome

A woman used the WhatsApp messaging service so much over the last Christmas holiday that she ended up in hospital. The Lancet medical journal noted a report by medical staff who treated a 34-year-old emergency medicine physician who was 27 weeks pregnant and sought treatment for severe pain in her wrists.

She had no history of trauma and had not engaged in any excessive physical activity in the previous days. However, on Christmas Day 2013, she spent an estimated six hours holding a weighty mobile phone while sending vast quantities of messages.

The diagnosis was bilateral extensor pollicis longus tendinitis of the thumb – or what they have nicknamed “WhatsAppitis.” (Source

2) Selfie Death Counts (Train Electrocution for the love of selfie)

  •  A 21 year-old man was killed when he climbed onto the top of a stationary train to take a selfie with friends and accidentally touched a high-voltage power cable running overhead. The Local says that the Andalusian man was killed instantly by the 35,000 volt charge, but another member of the group survived the shock.
  • A selfie-addicted British teen tried to kill himself because he didn’t like any of the photos he had taken.
    Danny Bowman, 19, spent up to 10 hours each day taking up to 200 photos of himself on his iPhone. He then nearly overdosed on pills, but his mother intervened and kept him alive.
    Bowman’s case is extreme, yes, but psychiatrists are starting to consider selfie addiction as a serious mental health issue. (Source)

3) Confessions of a Twitter addict

Larry Carlat used to be a married editor of a famous men’s magazine. Then he became obsessed with Twitter, lost his job, got divorced, and alienated loved ones.

The tweetoholic describes tweeting “every hour on the hour, day and night.” His tweets were a clear violation of the company’s social-media policy. He was given to choose choice: to delete the account or face termination. He chose Twitter. About a month later, he lost his wife after tweeting “I would’ve taken a bullet for my wife, but now I’d rather be the one pulling the trigger.” He claims to have reached his lowest point when his son threatened to stop following him on Twitter.

After Tweeting as much as 30 times a day, seven days a week for over 3 years and amassing over 25,000 followers, Larry decided to commit “Twittercide” and left the social platform. (Source)

4) Online relationship gameplay

He married someone else—before he broke up with me!

I met Adam online. When we finally met in person a few months later, I fell in love with him. We dated for nine months. He was even my first. I thought things were going quite well, when he announced, out of the blue, that he was moving back to his hometown. I was sad, but I didn’t think we needed to break up because the town was only two hours away. When I said so, he confessed that he was moving home to get back with his ex. Then I found their wedding announcement online. The wedding date had already passed. He’d been married a month before he broke up with me! —Victoria

5) Lastly, for the love of social media, you get to plan your death ahead of time…

So, whether you like it or not, there’s now a social media tool that will enable you say goodbye to your friends on facebook, twitter, and all…after you’re gone. It’s called the Deadsocial. The service enables everyone to create a series of “goodbye” messages on Facebook and Twitter. These are saved and only published to their social networks once they pass away. Cool or Crude? I’m not sure what I think about it, just yet….

Well, if you’re a social media enthusiast addict, these 3 simple tricks will help you keep your relationship and personal life together…

1) Keep your “Privates” Private! 

Excuse my pun, but if you stepped out of your house nude for instance, you would attract every ekene, bayo and Ahmed. It’s the same with putting the business of your “private life” out there. If it’s not to impact or inspire, or to create some kind of positive value, it will have an effect on your relationships and on yourself too. “The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on social media.”- Tonto Dike

2) Set Limitations

Even folks that use social media as a tool to promote their business have often fallen victims of passing away the entire day a recluse to their environment but active online. It’s inevitable that your social media life needs all that attention, but your physical environment deserve some attention from you too! When you give all to your social media life and forget those around you, it will surely affect your relationship(s) greatly! So, if you use social media for the growth of your business, The 4 “S” Model for Minimizing Social Media Madness can be of great help.

3) Know when to completely detoxify…

It’s not even mentally healthy to always be consciously present to the online buzz, tapping into all the hype and leaving yourself behind. There are days or moments you need to just unplug. Pick a time that works for you and completely detoxify!

Yes….you can set moments like switch phones off, phone calls/texts only, time to reflect, call up family/a friend, take a walk, watch a movie, play games, do something you haven’t done in a long time, the list of your personal needs goes on and on….

And when it has to do with relationships, create major time for your partner, to make lasting memories. They are the ones you would still fall back to, so there’s no point building stronger connections online while offline you’re just a totally bland wall.

Written by:

Nonye J. Chidolue (Nonyewrites)

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