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When you take a look at your life in five years to come, do you see yourself exhausting all your chances? Do you see yourself hands-on on your dreams and giving birth to more dreams? Do you see a big picture staring beautifully back at you? Or do you see nothing; just nothing at all! Just an empty vast space of anxiety, pessimism, regrets, lack of fulfillment, hate, anger and all forms of variances that come with unattended dreams.

Dreams are like babies. When we give birth to them, we become so excited and overly anxious that we cannot wait any further until they have been actualized. The hardest part of giving birth to dreams however is that, like children, they are hard to nurture, to tame, and to grow!


“Dreams are hard to follow”.

As our dreams grow, it takes double effort to actually give them “life”. Like babies, once again, when not taken proper care of and fed, they become malnourished and when the odds do not favor us, they die off either because of our laziness or carelessness but it’s never “fate”. When one dies, it is most often blamed on fate but this cannot be the same for our dreams because an unlived dream will actually haunt you!

We may place blame, give reasons, and even have excuses; but in the end, it is an act of cowardice to not follow your dreams“- Steve Maraboli

Daily we are faced with quotes like this, pushing us, reminding us of the hazards of not following our dreams. But what’s the problem about following one’s dreams that make it almost so difficult to achieve? What is it that these people haven’t really told you and people may not tell you because they are too caught up chasing their own dreams? The Big picture! Tell a man of how much profit he would make when he invests his time and effort into something and watch him cast his net fully in to catch all the fish the net can hold. That is what the big picture is about; vision! We all have dreams, ambitions, aspirations but these are nothing more than “wishes” if we do not have the vision to turn them to reality. Most causes of unattended dreams is never always financial constraints, it is most often lack of vision. Hence, you hear stories like “I have a dream, I know what I want in life, but I don’t know how to go about achieving it”. This is of course being blind, knowingly or unknowingly. The good thing however is that once you can rightfully admit being “blind” towards your direction in life, it means you are ready to embark on the journey towards finding the “big picture”. The first step is having a vision. Vision asks you What?


What exactly are your dreams, goals and aspirations?

Sadly, a multitude of people are yet to discern what exactly they want out of life. This is why they live unfulfilled and unhappy lives, because they lack the enthusiasm that naturally comes with discovering one’s passion. It’s easier to assume you have “dreams” than to actually have one just as it is easier to imagine all the places we feel we ought to be than to actually work hard to get there. As it is well known, a standout amongst the most vital guidelines of being happy and content with one’s life is in doing what you love! However, the difficulty is not in doing but in discovering what that dream is! It is no surprise therefore that the most successful people on earth are at the top because they have discovered their dream, have been driven by the passion towards achieving such dream and have tied a knot to it and remained there, at the top! But if you have started pondering upon what your dreams, goals and aspirations are, then it’s no time to give up! The good news is that in thinking about it alone, it means that you have a vision and you’re ready to embark on a journey towards finding The Big picture! However, this vision needs to be sharpened. Once you have been able to discover what you want out of life, vision asks Why?


Why do you want it?

Because having a vision is the map that guides you to where you’re going, it’s important to stop before you begin that journey, to ask yourself not just what your dreams are but why exactly you want to achieve them. Why do you want to get a degree? Why do you want to establish a firm? Why do you want to become a footballer? Does anything come to mind yet? Now you have answers! The “whys” are the driving forces of the journey. The “whys” spark up a lot of curiosity and like navigators, they command and you in turn obey these commands!

Would you still blame an unattended dream on fate? I’d blame it on an unsharpened vision!

When you have decided why you want this so bad, you move! The journey begins from there because the vision has been made manifest! However, one could have a clear vision but still remain “blind”. This is why having a vision is not entirely enough. Vision asks yet again, How?


How do you intend to achieve it?

Because navigators need to sometimes be manipulated and re-set, hence, the “whys” are not always enough. Sometimes, they are either inaccurate or unrealistic. It is important to also ask yourself how you intend to achieve your dreams and how realistic these dreams you intend to achieve are.

“Heaven helps those who help themselves” or as I love to say, “God blesses an honest effort”!

Many a time, when people are faced with the question of how they intend to achieve a particular purpose, they become almost aggressive in a bid to cover the fact that they are actually clueless. It’s easier to spend all day praying over a particular situation than actually “trying and failing (and trying again)” how much of an effort have you exerted in your pursuit?

To achieve positive results, you should be able to manipulate and set your vision towards a direction such that your vision should also give signals towards achieving your goals in life. When vision act upon the “how’s”, it’s like a survey has been drawn which makes the journey easier. Giving your vision a definitive direction will help you achieve a lasting goal.

Once we have the will-power, we can achieve anything, do anything, and be anything, we are the masters to our destinies and we own the keys to unlocking success in our lives. However, what matters is how prepared we are to get to the Big picture!

“It’s worse for an opportunity to arrive and find you unprepared…”

When the “why’s” and “how’s” have been satisfied, Vision still needs to know When?


When do you intend to achieve it? (It has to be Now!)

It is not for one to determine (for a fact) when the rain will fall and when the sun will shine, yet we have weather forecasters who give us these information and accurately. This means that success can be studied, learned and mastered! We only need to decide critically what, why, where and when we want it and the answer to when should always be “Now”! Now, not because it happens so easy and automatically but now because you have come to the realization that dreams, goals, ambitions and all of life’s drives need to learned, studied and mastered to become a success. As scary as it seems, yet, some dreams actually take almost a lifetime to be achieved! This is why when you get a hold of yours, begin the journey Now. Since success is a journey not a destination, there is no need leaving for later what should be started now. Stop making excuses and begin to act!

“What you put out to the Universe is what you get back”

The law of attraction gives that every human being is like an energy system with absolute power to manifest their desires! The manifestation of one’s desires is in one’s responsiveness towards their vision. Throw out all your passion to the universe! Breathe it! Feel it! Dream it! Build it! Be it! And watch the universe work in your favor! When you come to terms with your dreams and work with your vision, you are one huge step closer to the Big picture!

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QOTW:  “People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy” ~Tony Robbins


I wish you a productive new week! Carpe diem! :)

Chinonye J. Chidolue (@NonyeWrites)

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