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Hope is a grown woman who has settled to eat from life’s bowl, whatever meal she got served. She had managed to always find her way out of heavy tides of misadventure to a life of little comfort to live through every day with a little squeeze of viva, until recently.

Lady Hope had escaped her former workplace to a new place in search of greener pastures. Like a cow in dire search of fresh grasses moves from one field to another, Hope moved from workplace to workplace in constant search of a better life and somehow, she got successful in finding new fields of healthy grasses, stream for water and nice grass beds for rest. When she got tired of feeding from the “same old” grasses, somehow, she found a way to escape again, endlessly wandering for greener lands of perfection.

When wandering Hope got asked why she wandered off from her previous workplace, a perfect excuse or reason came, giving her an even greener opportunity. Hope had found yet another workplace. She would now be handed a new set of keys, working tools, and basic essentials to live a happy life. She took a quick glance at her future goals and expectations and brushed a smile across her lips. “quite close”, she thought. Hopefully!

One day, Hope woke up on a different side of her bed with a deep scowl. She twirled her right arm in a circular motion, sending punches in the air as she tried to stretch the muscle of her arm. She had felt a sharp pain on her hand that morning which was caused probably from sleeping on it all through the night. This left her totally disengaged, and that was it for the day.

Hope’s responsibilities for the day had to be sadly rolled up, tied down and packed up somewhere until she felt herself revived enough to carry on any task. This also meant that she would answer to nobody that day, not her boss, not anyone. She dared not be questioned either!

Well one would think that she would pull some nerve off her boss with her poorly thought out choice of avoiding work. Rather, her concerned boss full of pity either at hope’s naivety that the pains she nursed could be terminated with the use of drugs or from pity that she may well be stressed and need a shutdown day, offered her some pain relievers.

With full audacity, hope rejected the offer of pain relievers, leaving her boss with the only hope that she knew the cause of her problem, yet hopefully.

Upon enquiries from the even more concerned boss as to what really could be wrong with an arm that a medical solution cannot attend to, Hope henpecked rudely and grumbly with a rather empty and facile reply that begged for depth before any sense could be made from what she said.

She rattled carelessly without care or caution for what she spewed off her mouth about the need to see a pastor for the “unknown woman” behind her problem. Hope tirelessly went on and on, swearing to get to the root of the matter with her pastor who surely had the key to unlock the solution to her problem which was the “unknown woman”. Accordingly, she averred that it was the same lady who was behind her not finding her soulmate up till her present age which had started to tell on her grey hair.

At the crack of dawn, Hope was gone.

And all that translated to so much hopelessness even in the one who bears hope. So much hopelessness in a world filled with hope!

Then I wondered– How many more people have been blessed with a life of hope but have chosen to live as scavengers of hopelessness?

In a world filled with every reason to be hopeless, most often we stay atop of our own misadventures, giving ourselves reasons to block every avenue for hope.

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, you reserve the right to change your story starting from the outlook of your mind.

You too may keep wandering like Hopeless hope or you can decide to change your life with these “10 Inspirational rubrics of hope”

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Happy New Month to you!

I hope that Life is fair to you, but even more, I hope that you are even fairer to yourself.

Have a cherry blossom November!


Chinonye J. Chidolue (Nonyewrites)


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